SBA release 2018.3

SBA Release 2018.3 The 2018.3 release is focussing on the international side of SBA, including translation and localization.With our improvements of already existing features you

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SBA 2018.2 released

SBA Release 2018.3 The next major feature in SBA comes with Version 2018.2 – the “Crew Planner”. As the name suggests, the new planner allows

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SBA 2017.5 Release

Version 2017.5 as the last major update of SBA in 2017, adds a huge number of new features. The new functionality allows fleets to track

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SBA Release 2017.3

Hi there – again we are happy to announce an additional update and the new Version 2017.3 of SBA. Version 2017.3 is a major update

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SBA Release 2017.2 Online

SBA Release 2017.2 preview online We would like to announce the new SBA 2017.2 Version that can now be tested at our public demo, http://demo (password

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SBA Release 2017.1

We are happy to finally announce the release of SBA 2017.1. All existing SBA application will be updated automatically. This will take place at the

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SBA Mobile Application

SBA Mobile App • For crews and captains • Work responsibly with all your related vessels in one device • Move components • Complete maintenance

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SBA Mobile App

Für Crewmitglieder und Captains Offline und verantwortungsvoll alle Schiffe verwalten Komponenten verschieben Wartungsaufgaben erledigen Korrigierende Wartungsaufgaben lösen Teileverwaltung, Komponenten, Besatzungs und Wartungsdetails ansehen Intelligente Suche

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