SBA release 2018.3

SBA Release 2018.3 The 2018.3 release is focussing on the international side of SBA, including translation and localization.With our improvements of already existing features you will save a lot of

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SBA 2018.2 released

SBA Release 2018.3 The next major feature in SBA comes with Version 2018.2 – the “Crew Planner”. As the name suggests, the new planner allows you to manage your crew

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Some exciting news about our App

Hey there, NFC Tags, the latest innovation to retrieval your important information just by one touch. The new major and unique feature for SBA Mobile allows you to quickly interact

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SBA 2017.5 Release

Version 2017.5 as the last major update of SBA in 2017, adds a huge number of new features. The new functionality allows fleets to track and manage their operations even

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SBA Release 2017.3

Hi there – again we are happy to announce an additional update and the new Version 2017.3 of SBA. Version 2017.3 is a major update for SBA including a complete

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Purchase module-online, check it out

New purchase preview onlineOnline access for suppliers to your quotes will minimize the administration and fraction within the parties, purchase decisions can be easily made with actual budgets, stock levels

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SBA Release 2017.2 Online

SBA Release 2017.2 preview online We would like to announce the new SBA 2017.2 Version that can now be tested at our public demo, http://demo (password is 12345678).This version will go

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SBA Release 2017.1

We are happy to finally announce the release of SBA 2017.1. All existing SBA application will be updated automatically. This will take place at the 31.01.17. The release comes with

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SBA Mobile Application

SBA Mobile App • For crews and captains • Work responsibly with all your related vessels in one device • Move components • Complete maintenance tasks • Complete corrective maintenance

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SBA Mobile App

Für Crewmitglieder und Captains Offline und verantwortungsvoll alle Schiffe verwalten Komponenten verschieben Wartungsaufgaben erledigen Korrigierende Wartungsaufgaben lösen Teileverwaltung, Komponenten, Besatzungs und Wartungsdetails ansehen Intelligente Suche mit vollen Barcode-Scanner-Support Please visit

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