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IDEA has several software solutions in our portfolio, to assist you with managing owner’s assets – whether that is a yacht, an estate or a private jet! Our asset management solution offers one central place to manage a variety of different assets.

Do you need help with maintenance, purchasing or crew planning? Let IDEA take care of these tasks as your professional software partner!

Our solutions can be customised to suit your needs or workflows and can be integrated into your accounting software suite, to ensure efficient automated processes.

Contact us to book a free consultation to discuss how our custom asset management solutions can work for you.

We define ourselves as a forward thinking, customer-centric company, taking a hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our customers.

For fleet management, IDEA has developed IDEA FMP. This Fleet Management Portal provides a full overview of all assets linked to the system. Enabling the responsible person to efficiently manage multiple vessels and other types of assets, like for example residential properties.

Find out how IDEA FMP can be set up to suit your needs.

IDEA YACHT is the proven solution for the captain and crew to manage all aspects of a superyacht. Starting with the commission of a new vessel to daily operations and if required, for charter.

Find out more about how we can tailor an IDEA YACHT solution for you.


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