A full-service fleet solution

Manage the day-to-day operations of a fleet of vessels without the burden of having to access multiple systems.

Our Fleet Management Portal (FMP) provides the capacity to collate documentation, and produce reports throughout the lifecycle of a fleet of vessels. Fully integrated with IDEA YACHT, our comprehensive solution provides shipyards, management companies, fleet owners and other stakeholders with a robust mechanism to protect the maritime assets under their watch, and ensure their efficient management.

Our system can assist you from initial planning and design, to construction and fitting out, through to the warranty, and subsequent deployment of your vessels, helping you sort the continuous accumulation of documents, and manage day-to-day operations.

What makes IDEA unique?

Document management

IDEA FMP allows you to store and link documents to the appropriate assets of a vessel, or fleet of vessels.

While this helps create concise and accurate records, you can easily retrieve a wide range of technical, safety, procedural, and administrative documentation for stakeholders when required.

Maintenance management

Ensure upkeep and prolong the lifespan of your vessels.

Schedule, record, and report maintenance activity. Integrated with our IDEA YACHT management system, the portal supports automated maintenance across a fleet of vessels.

Inventory and purchasing

IDEA FMP enables inventory to be tracked across the fleet, and for purchasing to be handled at a centralised level, both onshore and onboard vessels

Knowing what you have on board and where is invaluable. With IDEA FMP you can easily manage all spare parts and inventory items across departments. You can manage vessel orders, deliveries and costs with complete transparency and locate important order information including suppliers, manufacturers, and unit price.

Crew management

It is essential to have oversight of human resources and scheduling information when you are managing a fleet of crew.

IDEA FMP keeps track of your crew’s training records, certificates and ID and supports management in planning and scheduling day-to-day operations, recording leave, and working hours. Company policies are available online and the system also logs health and safety incidents.

Timely and accurate consolidated reporting

Satisfy the demands of multiple stakeholders by providing accurate reports in a timely manner.

With IDEA FMP, you can draw reports for single vessels or consolidated reports across your fleet. A flexible and powerful reporting system facilitates reporting across all departments.

Customisation and branding

IDEA FMP allows you to personalise your system with your own branding options.

IDEA FMP is a flexible and configurable fleet management tool, that supports image customisation to meet your brand requirements. The system is fully integrated with the IDEA YACHT vessel management solution.

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IDEA FMP provides stakeholders, shipyards, and marinas with a cost-effective solution for the management of single vessels and fleets of yachts. Make the task of managing your fleet plain sailing with IDEA FMP, the market-leader in software solutions for the maritime industry.

Whether you have a question about our software, pricing or need anything else, our team are happy to help.

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