Throughout the lifecycle of a vessel, there is an increasing requirement for stakeholders to have easy and efficient access to information supporting all aspects of the maritime asset. From the planning and design phase, to construction and fitting out, to the initial warranty phase and the subsequent deployment either as an individual vessel or as a component of a managed fleet, there is a continuous accumulation of key documentation and information required to ensure safety, maintenance and value-retention.

IDEA-FMP (Fleet Management Portal) provides the capacity to accumulate and report on such information at all stages of the lifecycle of a vessel. Fully integrated with the IDEA-YACHT vessel management solution, IDEA-FMP provides shipyards, management companies, fleet owners and other parties with a robust and comprehensive oversight of the maritime assets under their watch.

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Inventory and Purchasing

With multiple vessels it is imperative to keep a firm hold on inventory across the fleet and to take every opportunity for efficiency gains and cost reduction.

IDEA-FMP enables inventory to be tracked across the fleet, co-ordinated on-shore and on the vessel, and for purchasing to be handled at a centralised level. The associated purchasing tool enables tracking of expense and the control of purchase execution, request and approval at the appropriate levels.

Crew Management

When managing and deploying crew across several vessels, it is essential to have oversight of key human resource and scheduling information.

IDEA-FMP enables full details of crew members to be recorded, including their schedules, training records and certification, and supports management in the planning and assignment of crew across the fleet. Policy and procedure documents can be managed centrally and be made available to crew on-line where the system supports the logging of incidents and their resolution.

Timely and Accurate Consolidated Reporting

Managing a fleet of vessels presents a continuous requirement for the reporting and consolidation of information.

IDEA-FMP’s powerful reporting engine enables the reporting demands of all stakeholders of the vessel or fleet to be accurately and efficiently satisfied at each stage of the vessel’s lifecycle. Reporting is available at single vessel and consolidated levels across all components of the IDEA-FMP system.

Customisation and Branding

Owners and managers of fleets of vessels will have their own specific requirements from a management system and may wish to personalise the system to their own branding.

IDEA-FMP is a highly flexible and configurable fleet management tool that supports branding and image customisation according to the user’s own unique requirements. The system is fully integrated with the IDEA-YACHT on-board vessel management system.

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The need to manage the maritime assets of a fleet at each stage in the life of each vessel does not have to be an expensive and complex burden for the shipyard, manager, owner or operator of a fleet. IDEA-FMP provides stakeholders with a cost-effective solution for the management and administration of the maritime assets of single vessels and fleets of yachts, shipyards and marinas. Make the task of managing a fleet plain sailing with IDEA-FMP, the market leader in software solutions for the maritime industry.

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