Many superyacht owners, representatives and crew choose IDEA YACHT as the preferred yacht management system for their project.
Over the past 20 years, IDEA has built up more than 400 custom databases for vessels ranging from 20 metres to over 180 metres, including both new build projects and re-fits.

Having developed a solid understanding of the processes of building and re-fitting superyachts, IDEA is able to support shipyards in delivering projects on time and within budget.

How does it work?

IDEA YACHT provides the required software to manage all vessel related information and operations of the superyacht, we also provide services to get to that point.

This includes:

  • Building up the required database according to an agreed structure.
  • Visiting your shipyard, documenting the build and cross-checking equipment.
  • Building up your maintenance schedule and taking care of all necessary documentation.

All this is done in close cooperation with shipyards and crew, to achieve the best possible result; a well set up system, ready for operation from the moment of delivery.

All this is done in close cooperation with the shipyards and crew, to achieve the best possible result:
A well set up system, ready for operation at the moment of delivery.

In having the system up and running before you start commissioning, all required information can be tracked and documented within IDEA YACHT. Supporting the crew as well as shipyard personnel during the final and usually very busy phase before the project is delivered.

This holistic approach facilitates communication during the warranty phase and onwards as both the shipyard and crew will have the same information!

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Are you looking for an even more advanced system to handle your projects?

IDEA can also provide customised solutions for shipyards, to manage new build and re-fit projects, effectively and efficiently.

Find out how we can help you to improve your processes.

IDEA YACHT is the proven solution for the captain and crew to manage all aspects of a superyacht. Starting with the commission of a new vessel to daily operations and if required, for charter.

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