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What is important to you when you are tasked with managing several yachts?

Are you looking for a tool to track maintenance, roll out ISM documents or to check crew data?

We have a product that allows you to do all this and more, in one place! IDEA’s Fleet Management Portal (FMP) enables you to manage an entire fleet, with the ability to monitor and interact with yachts from the shore side.

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FMP delivers a comprehensive solution to increase your efficiency in tracking the operations and safety routines on-board; manage procurement, fleet-wide analysation and take care of purchasing. This product also ensures that related KPIs are up-to-date and can be tracked in one view.

We are aware that you will have your own workflows and styles, which can be catered for when your software is set-up, or can be fulfilled by our custom development service.

Please get in touch with our experienced team, to discuss the options for your custom FMP solution.

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We define ourselves as a forward thinking, customer-centric company, taking a hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our customers.


For fleet management, IDEA has developed IDEA FMP. This Fleet Management Portal provides a full overview of all assets linked to the system. Enabling the responsible person to efficiently manage multiple vessels and other types of assets, like for example residential properties.

Find out how IDEA FMP can be set up to suit your needs.

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