About us

The IDEA Data Solutions GmbH, located in Duesseldorf Germany, was founded in 2001 as IDEA Nautic and Data Solutions GmbH by Sebastian and Klaus Allebrodt. Since then, we have been developing and distributing our yacht management software IDEA Yacht primarily in the European and US market. To date, we have successfully completed more than 900 projects from 20m to 180m and have a market share of 60% in the segment of 50+m for yacht management software.

In 2008 IDEA was acquired by the SpecTec Group, which is one of the leading software companies in the commercial shipping industry, and was integrated into the group as SpecTec GmbH.

Ten years later, in 2018, SpecTec IDEA became independent again and returned to its roots as IDEA Data Solution GmbH.

We define ourselves as a forward thinking and customer centred company with a distinct hands-on mentality.

Since the founding of our company we always tried to nurture this forward-thinking mentality of the IDEA Team, by utilising our decade long experience within the yachting industry, in addition to a close working relationship with our customers, in order to achieve success.

Driven by these core values, we will continue to develop and improve our products to stay ahead of our competition and provide outstanding yacht management software to our clients.

IDEA Administration

Tobias Allebrodt

Managing Director & Sales

Matt Lennon

Finance Officer

Laura Schoth


Jan Langweg

Customer Success & Product Manager

IDEA Sales

Felix Menges


Vitaly Fedorov


IDEA Operations

Stefan Hachmann

Operations Manager