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IDEA video library

Learning the basics

IDEA General Hands-on & Basics: The first steps with your new IDEA software

IDEA Logs & Rounds Basics: How to handle complex processes in an easy software environment (by Sebastian Sallmon)


IDEA Administrator Basics: Settings, Permissions and further things to know
(by Tobias Allebrodt)

IDEA Basics 1 – First start and customising your home screen

IDEA Basics 2 – Setting up new users and configuration of user rights


IDEA Basics 3 – IDEA Vessel Database & Components

How IDEA yacht management software can help Captains and Chief Officers


A busy start in the day of an IDEA superyacht


IDEA logs & rounds basics: how to handle complex processes in an easy software environment



Professional ISM Management with IDEA Crew & Ship Certificates, Safety
Documents, Forms & Drills
(by Tobias Allebrodt)

Cybersecurity on yachts: Fishing, Spearfishing and Maritime Cyber Risks
(by Christian Mühle)

IDEA Technical Database: How to start your own set-up with Database &
(by Stefan Hachmann)

New Dashboard – Beginners Guide

New Dashboard – How To Share

Managing Certificates in IDEA Crew & Guest Database

ISM in IDEA NET General Settings



DEA Crew & Guest Database: Settings, Set-up and Leave & Rest Manager
(by Felix Menges)

IDEA Purchase & Spare Part Management (with Barcode Basics)
(by Felix Menges)

Super Yacht Fleet Management: The ease of fleet operation with the right tools
(by Daniel Wolthausen)

IDEA Logs & Rounds

IDEA Hours of Rest

IDEA Drills Module

IDEA Safety Documents Module

IDEA Vessel Certificate Management

IDEA Forms Module


IDEA YACHT is the proven solution for the captain and crew to manage all aspects of a superyacht. Starting with the commission of a new vessel to daily operations and if required, for charter.

Find out more about how we can tailor an IDEA YACHT solution for you.

For fleet management, IDEA has developed IDEA FMP. This Fleet Management Portal provides a full overview of all assets linked to the system. Enabling the responsible person to efficiently manage multiple vessels and other types of assets, like for example residential properties.

Find out how IDEA FMP can be set up to suit your needs.


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