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What are the main benefits of owning a superyacht? The ability to enjoy as much time on board as possible has to be up there! To achieve this, the yacht needs to be in perfect condition and ready to set sail at all times, which is dependent on the crew and their ability to take care of the vessel.

If the crew are able to manage and maintain the vessel to a high standard, this will reflect in how you and your guests are able to enjoy your time on board. In addition to this, a well-maintained vessel will retain a much higher value.

This is where IDEA’s yacht management solutions are hugely beneficial to the smooth running of your yacht. With over 20 years of experience in the superyacht industry, IDEA has developed software solutions for both individual vessels as well as tools to manage entire fleets.

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IDEA YACHT is the proven solution for the captain and crew to manage all aspects of a superyacht. Starting with the commission of a new vessel to daily operations and if required, for charter.

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For fleet management, IDEA has developed IDEA FMP. This Fleet Management Portal provides a full overview of all assets linked to the system. Enabling the responsible person to efficiently manage multiple vessels and other types of assets, like for example residential properties.

Find out how IDEA FMP can be set up to suit your needs.

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