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Yachts are sophisticated and valuable property. We understand the complexity of challenges you face when you take on the responsibility of managing a superyacht, including the importance of safeguarding its assets and the people on board.  With an increasing burden of legal requirements and standards to maintain, managing a superyacht has never been more demanding.

Core Database

The brains of IDEA YACHT is a flexible and scalable database that can be configured to meet your needs. Information pertaining to the vessel’s equipment and spare parts can be easily input, updated and retrieved, providing a comprehensive overview of the vessel and ensuring that you are fully in command.

What makes IDEA unique?

Inventory, stock control and purchasing

Knowing what spare parts and other inventory items are in stock and where they can be found increases operational safety and productivity and can help reduce purchasing costs.

IDEA YACHT’s inventory, stock control and purchasing module allow you to quickly update stock levels and itemise purchasing records, including quotations, invoices, receipts. Purchase orders can be raised in a timely fashion, before risk is incurred, proving supplier records and purchase history, which links seamlessly with the yacht’s accounting system.

Records management

Keep track of hard copy documentation. Get organised and comply with Data Protection Regulations.

IDEA YACHT supports the digitisation of documentation, including manuals, catalogues, technical drawings and schemas, certificates, correspondence, and reports. All hard copies can be easily stored and retrieved from a secure records management system.


Maintenance management

Ensure your yacht is well-maintained and protected. Schedule, monitor and review preventative maintenance tasks as part of your routine operations and minimise breakdown and repairs.

With IDEA YACHT you can schedule and record maintenance work. Checklists can be assigned to crew members and can be monitored to ensure the upkeep of your vessel. A full-service history can be maintained and details of corrective, or unplanned maintenance can be logged accordingly. A well-maintained vessel can prolong the lifespan of your yacht.

Engine room logging

Having technical performance data at hand for analysis and diagnostics can help you minimise downtime.

IDEA YACHT provides an optional Engine Room Logging module, which assists manual recording of readings as well as an automated system via an interface to the yacht’s Associated Management System (AMS).

Safety management

Compliance with International Safety Management (ISM) standards is mandatory.

Based on detailed reports IDEA can suggest customized services: Database clean up / add missing maintenance tasks / add missing components / link missing documentation / user training.

Accounting Module

Our user-friendly application helps you manage your accounting with ease and efficiency, so you can keep track of your expenditure, from the big ticket items to your onboard petty cash reserves.

The system assists with accurate digital record keeping, so while invoices can be logged against supplier accounts, related documentation, such as contracts or product specifications, for example, can be archived for safekeeping, thus introducing a paperless office and streamlining procurement activity. And the system introduces a more transparent reporting function, to assist with audits and high level management reporting at individual account level. The IDEA YACHT accounting module allows you to transfer funds between accounts and can be used for multiple currencies.


IDEA YACHT helps you manage day-to-day administrative tasks with ease, alleviating the burden of HR and financial activities so you can manage resources effectively.

Crew and guests

IDEA YACHT helps you organise and protect valuable data belonging to all seafarers.

Upload photographs and documentation of crew members:

  • Medical reports
  • Certificates
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Passports & Visas

The Leave and Rest Planner for Crew is an additional feature of the database, so you can manage duty requirements and keep track of annual leave accordingly.

  • Records leave and rest periods
  • Track working hours
  • Fulfil legal working regulations
  • Comply with privacy and data protection regulations

Installation scenarios

IDEA YACHT is flexible and can be installed in three different scenarios:

  1. Offline, onboard the vessel.
  2. Online via secure IDEA servers located in our data centre in Germany.
  3. A combination of scenarios 1 & 2.

Watch our YouTube video for an overview of the different options.

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We understand that every yacht is unique. Our solutions are flexible, scalable and can be configured to meet your needs.

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