Make the task of managing your assets plain sailing

With an increasing burden of mandatory legal requirements and industry standards to maintain, managing a fleet of yachts may seem like an overwhelming challenge.

IDEA SBA provides operators and owners of fleets of smaller sea-going vessels with a powerful, scalable management tool that will help you implement efficient operational systems and processes so you can meet the regulatory requirements of the yachting industry.

Maintenance management

Maintaining the upkeep of your vessels is essential, especially in Brown Water and Coastal Tug industries. A well-planned preventative maintenance schedule for your fleet, as well as efficient repairs can increase the lifespan of vessels, saving you money in the long run.

IDEA SBA allows you to schedule maintenance activities in advance of your journey, so that reminders can trigger action on-board via the mobile app. And a powerful reporting function keeps a thorough record of maintenance activities that can be downloaded in a timely manner.

Crew management

Being able to manage human resources effectively, including the safety and well-being of your crew is an important aspect of today’s regulated working environment.


IDEA SBA keeps track of your crew’s training records, certificates and ID and supports management in planning and scheduling day-to-day operations, recording leave, and working hours. Company policies are available online and the system also logs health and safety incidents.

Inventory and purchasing

The ability to manage the inventory and assets of an entire fleet, rather than on an individual vessel basis, significantly increases cost savings and efficiency.

IDEA SBA coordinates inventory tracking and purchasing before or during your journey. Keep track of your expenses and streamline your purchasing process.

Mobile application

IDEA SBA’s mobile application provides secure and uninterrupted access to fleet information from any location.

Crew can work on the IDEA SBA system off-line while at sea, safe in the knowledge that their updates will be accurately reflected in the central system database as soon as they have access to the internet. The mobile application also provides support for smart search and barcode scanner functionality.

Timely and accurate consolidated reporting

With an increased level of regulation comes an increased demand for reporting.

IDEA SBA has a powerful reporting function so you can satisfy the demands of Coastguards, regulatory bodies, and management requests. Reporting is available at single vessel and fleet level across all components of the IDEA SBA system, online and offline via the mobile application.

Low initial investment

The cost of implementing a Fleet Management System can be a prohibitive factor. However, investing in IDEA SBA will provide you with a yacht management solution with a low initial cost, that removes the need for expensive software licence purchases.

IDEA SBA is a flexible, scalable solution that can be built to meet your needs and required timeframes.

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IDEA SBA provides charter companies, shipyards, and marinas with a cost-effective solution for the management of fleets, and smaller vessels (up to 30m). Make the task of managing your assets plain sailing with IDEA Data Solutions, the market-leader in software solutions for the maritime industry.

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