Managers and owners of commercial fleets are under increasing pressure to operate within a more stringent and safer regulating environment, being able to comply and conform to stricter regulations around safety and risk management. It is an expectation that operators implement processes and procedures to ensure the safety of the maritime operating environment.

This can be a significant challenge to manage and demonstrate. Designed specifically for smaller vessels that fall under a range of standards and regulations, IDEA-SBA is an effective technical solution to support these demands. IDEA-SBA provides operators and owners of smaller sea-going vessels with a powerful management system to support the implementation of well-designed procedures that are resourced and monitored to comply with the increasing demands of the regulatory environment.

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Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vessels can be a significant administrative burden when attempting to keep track of such a wealth of information.

IDEA-SBA provides a fully scalable management solution, enabling anything from a single vessel to a large fleet to be effectively managed. Critical data on the content and daily operations of the fleet can be maintained and accessed centrally, whether it be information on inventory and spares, staff, maintenance or costs. The powerful reporting tool enables information at a range of levels of consolidation to be produced.

Mobile Application

Being bound to an on-line computer system has significant limitations when the user is offshore without access to a wireless network.

IDEA-SBA’s mobile application provides continuous and uninterrupted access to fleet asset information from any location. Staff can work on the system off-line while at sea, safe in the knowledge that their updates will be accurately reflected in the central system database as soon as they have access to the internet. The mobile application also provides support for smart search and barcode scanner functionality.

Timely and Accurate Reporting

With an increased level of regulation comes an increased demand for reporting and consolidated information.

IDEA-SBA’s powerful reporting engine enables the reporting demands of coastguards and regulatory bodies to be accurately and efficiently satisfied. Reporting is available at single vessel and consolidated levels across all components of the IDEA-SBA system, including via the mobile application at the touch of a phone.

Low Initial Investment

The cost of implementing a Fleet Management System can be a prohibitive factor and is often the key reason why many operators are reluctant to consider such a solution.

In contrast, IDEA-SBA provides a service platform with a low initial cost of investment and without the need for expensive software licence purchases. And IDEA-SBA is also inexpensive in terms of the time and effort required to populate and impleme