The crew on board superyachts are fundamental to providing a first-class service for owners and guests.

IDEA has been committed to improving its yacht management system, IDEA YACHT, over the span of 20 years. We pride ourselves on working closely with industry professionals, to ensure we provide the best solutions to support yachting professionals with their day-to-day work.

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We define ourselves as a forward thinking, customer-centric company, taking a hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our customers.

The main priority for the Superyacht Master is the safe navigation and operation of the vessel.

There are however other important areas to also manage, including budgeting, administration, personnel and the upkeep of the vessel, to name a few. With this in mind, it’s important to have a system at hand to keep track of completed tasks, outstanding tasks and scheduled tasks. Examples of these are: the status of safety checks, drills, the validity of certificates and an upcoming survey or yard period.

IDEA YACHT is able to present all this information on a customisable dashboard, providing an excellent overview and allowing the user to directly access these details when necessary.

Being an engineer on board a superyacht is a major task; constant maintenance and planning are required to keep everything working and in top condition. Stock levels need to be monitored and you need to be available to assist crew members when a mechanical issue arises which needs fixing, often with urgency. For engineers, using a system to keep your responsibilities structured and organised is crucial to be effective within your role.

IDEA YACHT does exactly this – it is the ideal tool to logically structure all vessel related information including equipment, inventory and documentation.

It enables you to:

  • Plan maintenance tasks and surveys
  • Store related data and documentation
  • Perform regular checks
  • Log data

Forecast, purchase and handle spare parts.

Superyachts are becoming more complex and with more gadgets on board, workloads for deck departments are increasing – especially on larger vessels.

Scheduling and executing drills, performing regular rounds to check for safety related equipment and keeping an eye on inventory levels can be time-consuming and requires systems sophisticated enough to keep these routines accurate and on-track.

IDEA YACHT allows all necessary information to be stored and accessed in an intuitive way, ensuring that drills are performed as required, rounds are executed as planned and inventory levels are maintained correctly. This can all be actioned via one simple interface in the browser or using the IDEA YACHT mobile app.

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To keep a superyacht’s interior in top shape and provide the best service possible requires training, experience and good planning. Whether the yacht is used purely for private use or for charter, expectations are extremely high. Having a system in place to support all team members to co-ordinate tasks and streamline communication is vital, especially during busy periods.

IDEA YACHT enables you to keep track of crew and guest related information, establish training and effective working routines as well as managing inventory efficiently. This is achieved through the seamless integration of IDEA’s main system and the mobile app, tasks such as updating hours of rest can be done within seconds.

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IDEA YACHT is the proven solution for the captain and crew to manage all aspects of a superyacht. Starting with the commission of a new vessel to daily operations and if required, for charter.

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For fleet management, IDEA has developed IDEA FMP. This Fleet Management Portal provides a full overview of all assets linked to the system. Enabling the responsible person to efficiently manage multiple vessels and other types of assets, like for example residential properties.

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