Some exciting news about our App

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NFC Tags, the latest innovation to retrieval your important information just by one touch. The new major and unique feature for SBA Mobile allows you to quickly interact with your equipment.

Want to see how it works:

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What is NFC
NFC (Near Field Communication) chips are small and flat chips that do not require a power supply to operate. They are powered wireless by the phone as soon as you are close enough to the chip.  These chips can store information and communicate with your phone. They do not require an optical scanner and will work under all light conditions. Depending on the type of the tag you can even wash them or expose them to high temperatures without harm. A tag once configured will work on all phones without the need to synchronize any data between your devices.

Already available NFC functions

  • Create a login token
  • Connect it to a component
  • Connect it to all tasks for a component
  • Connect it to an hour counter
  • See all overdue tasks for a component

Give it a try, check out the app store and our Demo