SBA Release 2017.2 preview online

We would like to announce the new SBA 2017.2 Version that can now be tested at our public demo, http://demo (password is 12345678).
This version will go live soon for all SBA installations which also includes a new mobile application that will be released in the market.
Below you can find a short change list for this release:

  • Safety modules for drill added
    • Plan and roll-out drills to your fleet
    • Execute and track the drill performance by crew member
    • Automatic generate schedules for new crew members
    • Reporting and notifications
    • Easy-to-use drill editor that allows you to build a custom form
  • Usability improvements for the layout drawing (GA) functions
  • Updated interfaces for single vessel setups
  • Snag list functions in the SBA Mobile app
    • Create, view and complete tasks
  • SBA for Android is now fully compatible with the latest Android 7 features
  • SBA Mobile allows to attach also existing files to history

The full change log can be download here