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January 2024 Newsletter

IDEA at METSTRADE Superyacht Pavillion 2023

We’re travelling all the way to boot Düsseldorf on 24th January (it won’t take us long, just a quick walk in our hometown) to catch up with our superyacht industry partners. 🇩🇪🛥️

👋 If you’re at the show, come and say “Hi!” to Jan Langweg, Tobias Allebrodt, and Felix Menges!

Join us for at boot


We are excited to introduce a new standalone module called IDEA Crew Board that allows you to sreamline your crew’s check-in/check-out procedure. There’s no need to sign into IDEA YACHT, Crew Board is a standalone solution that is linked to your IDEA database and always live and updated.

Learn more about Crew Board
Dirk, senior supporter with body and soul

Dirk has been working at IDEA since 2010, and is one of our veterans with 4,695 tickets solved in the last 2 years alone. Dirk is on hand to give expert support! This column answers your most common questions!

Ask The Dirk

Lloyds Type Approval

We frequently receive the request for a Lloyds type approval.
Kindly note IDEA Yacht itself has no type approval. Simply because the re-approval process that would be required when we update the software, which we do at least 4 times per year, would make this a very costly process. Which in the end would result in higher costs for the user.

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