IDEA Direct Order

IDEA Direct Order

We are excited to introduce a new functionality called Direct Order within the Stock Control and Purchasing module, as part of our 2023.3 release. With Direct Order, vessels can now request order quotes directly from vendors, streamlining the procurement process. Here are the key details you need to know about this feature: 

  • Access for Subscription License Holders: Vessels with any of the subscription licenses (SP10, SP11, SP12, SP13, SP14) can now access Direct Order. 
  • Special Vendor Licenses: Please note that while vendors/shipyards can be accessed through Direct Order, some may require additional special licenses to enable ordering from them. 


How Direct Order Works: 

  • Quote Request Creation: IDEA YACHT will initiate the process by creating a Quote Request from the Purchase Order by the push of a button. This request will be sent automatically to the vendor, and the vendor will be responsible for pricing the items in the purchase order and proposing an offer. 
  • Acceptance of Vendor Offer: Once the spare part supplier or shipyard, has proposed an offer, the user can review and accept it. The new pricing information will then be automatically saved into the vessel’s purchase order. 
  • Order Tracking: Following acceptance, the vendor will proceed with shipping the order. Crew members can conveniently track the order’s status using the provided shipping code. 
  • Communication: Throughout these steps, the crew and vendor users can easily communicate using the ‘comments’ tab within the Quote Request, facilitating efficient collaboration. 


Direct Order brings enhanced convenience and efficiency to your procurement process, allowing for seamless communication and quicker order processing between vessels and vendors. 

If you are a vendor interested in integrating with IDEA to allow your products to be purchased seamlessly by vessels, contact our yacht management experts on