IDEA Crew Board

IDEA Crew Board

We are excited to introduce a new standalone module called IDEA Crew Board that allows you to sreamline your crew’s check-in/check-out procedure. There’s no need to sign into IDEA YACHT, Crew Board is a standalone solution that is linked to your IDEA database and always live and updated.

How IDEA Crew Board Works: 

  • Browser-based: Crew Board can be easily loaded on any device to allow for flexibility
  • Security first: You can set a PIN from your IDEA YACHT settings page to ensure that only your crew can log in and out.
  • Crew information: Crew Board allows for images and contact information for your crew.
  • Integration: Crew Board is linked to your IDEA YACHT installation, so no need to use multiple systems or upload information twice.


Crew Board brings enhanced convenience and efficiency to your day-to-day crew management, allowing for accurate information of who’s onboard and checking working hours alongside you IDEA YACHT solution.

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