IDEA Crew Board

IDEA Crew Board

We are excited to introduce a new standalone module called IDEA Crew Board that allows you to sreamline your crew’s check-in/check-out procedure. There’s no need to sign into IDEA YACHT, IDEA Crew Board is a standalone solution that is linked to your IDEA database and always live and updated.

How IDEA Crew Board Works: 

  • Browser-based: IDEA Crew Board can be easily loaded on any device to allow for flexibility
  • Security first: You can set a PIN from your IDEA YACHT settings page to ensure that only your crew can log in and out.
  • Crew information: IDEA Crew Board allows for images and contact information for your crew.
  • Integration: IDEA Crew Board is linked to your IDEA YACHT installation, so no need to use multiple systems or upload information twice.

We’re constantly evolving IDEA Crew Board;

In our 2024.2 release we added more functionality including:

  • Check in 3rd parties onboard, like contractors, reviewers, visitors etc. (below)
  • Auto-fill to remember previous visitors, this is useful in case it’s a periodic visit, like IDEA checking your build process and to make documentations/take photos.
  • Scan in Crew ID cards to quickly check in/out (requires crew ID card module).
  • New overview tab, showing everybody onboard (crew and visitors).
  • Quickly navigate to IDEA Crew Board. Scan the QR code (printed and shared) to open the board from anywhere.
IDEA CREW Board visitor overview

Crew Board brings enhanced convenience and efficiency to your day-to-day crew management, allowing for accurate information of who’s onboard and checking working hours alongside you IDEA YACHT solution.

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