September Newsletter – 2021

Monaco Yacht Show 2021 – the highlights

We were thrilled to once again be exhibiting at The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), the world’s benchmark yacht show. The MYS exhibits a selection of companies linked to the yachting and luxury markets and visitors come here to meet the best experts on the market to discuss their yacht project or learn about current and future trends in super yachting.

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A round-up of news from September

IDEA is listening

Building solid and valuable software is only possible when it’s based on the feedback from the people who use it. Therefore, IDEA YACHT does not only get small fixes and security updates, but also gets improved and extended with new features based on user feedback.

We’re happy to announce that with the next update you can expect:

– Multiple responsible values for a task, you can now tag a task for engineering and deck for example.
– Work together on a log day, engineering chat for log day comments.
– Hour counter lists for quick updates.
– A completely redesigned dashboard (check the details below).
– And more …

Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) update

Tracking IHM relevant information doesn’t have to be complicated. With that in mind the IDEA team implemented two new functions to make IHM management even easier:

– You can now directly ‘tag’ components and spare parts as being IHM relevant.
– Receive an IHM report, relevant components or spares including related linked documentation like SDoC’s and MD’s.

Sneak preview – The new IDEA YACHT Dashboard is coming

The all-new IDEA YACHT Dashboard will be:

– Fully customisable via drag-and-drop.
– Allows multiple dashboards per user.
– Offers the possibility to share dashboards in your role.
– Gives you the option to create your own menu with the ‘Favourites’ widget.
– Enables fast logging of Hours of Rest via the related widget.

New look website

We have been improving our website, to make it easier to navigate and provide more useful content. IDEA academy videos are now saved within Webinars.

We’d appreciate any feedback about content you’d love to see from us or how we can improve our site further. We’d also really welcome customer feedback to use on our website. Please send any comments or suggestions to our Digital Marketing Manager, Sabine –

Video of the month - How IDEA yacht management software can help Captains and Chief Officers

Watch our short video to find out how our software can support you in managing your vessel, giving you time back to complete important tasks.

We always love to hear from our customers, please get in touch via our website or e-mail us.

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The IDEA team

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