Newsletter July 2021 – Celebrating 20 years of IDEA yacht management software!

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Our latest release

In case you missed it, you can find key highlights of our latest release below:

• IDEA YACHT Mobile – check out our redesigned and improved IDEA app.
• Database analytics – read more about the integrated database analytics tool.
• Hours of Rest update – get more information about the completely overhauled and IMO compliant Hours of Rest Module.
• Stock history templates – find out how you can use the stock change templates to analyse your inventory history.

Read the full blog post here.

If you didn’t receive the full release e-mail, please contact us and we can arrange to send it to you.

IDEA YACHT management solutions – tailored for you

Firstly, we will work together to understand your pain points and how we can help to solve them.

The start of your journey with IDEA would include a discussion and/or personal demonstration to explore your needs and talk about how we can best support you. We can then recommend a personalised plan based on your requirements, including the IDEA YACHT module combination most suited to running your yacht as efficiently as possible.

All efficient workflows in IDEA are based on the quality of how you initially populate your vessel database. Although you will have the tools to develop this base line by yourself with IDEA, don’t underestimate the effort and time this takes! If your crew has taken care of this, are you sure that they can hit your high standards to achieve a well operating system?

IDEA has populated more than 400 vessel databases and we are ready to assist you with our high expertise. To get the best output from the system, there is a range of ways we can work together including:
• We can share your workload.
• We can advise you how to best manage this task yourself.
• We can perform the whole population job for you.

Get in touch to book your consultation for an easy and efficient yacht management solution.

IDEA at Monaco Yacht show

Countdown to Monaco Yacht Show

We are preparing for one of our absolute favourite events – Monaco Yacht Show 2021.

We will be exhibiting at this event between 22nd – 25th September and are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces there are meeting new people in the industry!

Find out more about the event here.


Video of the month

IDEA installation Scenarios

Discover the options to install our software on your boat or online.

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