January Newsletter – 2022

Let us talk about some numbers & why data quality requires specialists

Experienced captains, officers and engineers know how important quality work is. And this of course applies to data as well. Running a superyacht is not an easy job and requires skill and dedication. But to smoothly operate such a high-value asset and provide the ultimate experience for owners and guests requires more. A structured way of working is essential. And that means knowing exactly what needs to be done regarding safety, maintenance, inventory and much more. Crew need to know which task needs to be done when, how to perform the task and what all is required to do the job properly. That’s exactly the reason why systems like IDEA YACHT exist and are so crucial to the successful operation of any superyacht. <read more>

IDEA YACHT 2021.4 is finally released…

…and it includes a lot:

• Spectro / Jet Care integration into IDEA YACHT.
• ISM Forms and checklist for IDEA YACHT mobile.
• New widgets for your custom dashboard.
• Reminders offer user defined warning levels.
• New Lab requests tracking widget.
• System health widget.
• New Rounds widget.
• Link work order purchases to maintenance tasks.
• Amazon integration for inventory search.

<read more>

See how easy it is to integrate automatic laboratory reporting

Did you know that we have a whole library of video walkthroughs and webinars, guiding you through the features and benefits of IDEA software? We also have a host of instructional videos.

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