IDEA YACHT Release 2024.1

IDEA YACHT Release 2024.1

2024.1 Key changes

The latest IDEA YACHT software release 2024.1 introduces significant improvements and new features for enhanced user experience. In the Logs and Rounds module, a redesigned frontend streamlines the update workflow and facilitates the creation of rounds with drag-and-drop, step-by-step wizards, and layout controls. Performance improvements optimise running rounds. The Maintenance module now features a customisable history table, and IDEA Snag List supports custom tags for efficient sharing.

The IDEA App introduces Dark Mode for nighttime use. The Spectro | Jet-Care Integration provides real-time tracking of lab samples with suggested intervals. Purchase Order (PO) approvals are expedited, and a new notification system allows users to define groups for system actions. The new IDEA Crew Board module simplifies crew check-in/out without logging into IDEA. Additionally, a module for Alcohol Tracking monitors volume and alcohol levels with a specialised report. These updates collectively enhance functionality, usability, and communication within the IDEA YACHT software.


2024.1 Changelog

Improvements: Logs and rounds – All new frontend

  • Easy creation of rounds, drag and drop support with a new wizard and streamlined workflows
  • Complete new frontend and update entry points quickly
  • Use the layout control, list or step by step control to complete your round.
  • Performance improvements


New Feature: Hours of Rest autofill

  • Easy auto fill a given timeframe with your default working hours in one click


Improvements: New Maintenance history table

  • Customise the columns you want to see
  • Added new column to show the user that has performed the task


Improvements: Snag Lists

  • Snag List now support custom tags
  • You can share multiple Snaglist from a workflow in on click
  • If you connect components/task and close the sang list a history record in the related components is created


New Feature: Dark mode for the IDEA App

  • Run the app in dark mode, less bright colors if you use it during the night etc.


New Feature: New Spectro | Jet-Care Integration for lab samples

  • See exactly where your lab samples are, like tracking a parcel or online order
  • Create sample interval tasks based on the suggestions of Spectro | Jet-Care to never miss sampling again


New Feature: Purchase Order (PO) approval changes

  • Quicker approval and move to next state in one click
  • Purser permission to allow adding elements after approval
  • Useful for shipping costs, or travel costs that where unknown during the initial PO run
  • Request re-approval for changed POs


New Feature: Complete new Notification system

  • Define groups for given system actions like, snag list created
  • Notifications can be managed at central point
  • Possible integration for custom notifications or 3rd party gateway, talk to us


New Feature: Alcohol tracking for tax/customs

  • Track volume from spare parts and alcohol level
  • Special report to print out total amount of alcohol on board


*New Module*: IDEA Crew Board

  • Easy to use, standalone extension of IDEA to check in/out crew that is always live and updating with your IDEA database

To learn more about IDEA Crew Board email our superyacht management experts on or click here.

To book in your update on replicating installations please contact our support team on All online installations will update automatically.