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SAVE THE DATE: 1st IDEA Virtual Academy – Be part of it

The dates for the 1st IDEA Virtual Academy are now confirmed!

From the 6th to the 8th October 2020 we will have 18 in-depth, technical and administration related IDEA training sessions, from how to use the software to advanced cyber security guides for yachts and key-note discussions with industry leaders.

If you have not participated in the IDEA Academy survey, you should register here to find out more and to register for the sessions you are interested in: Session Registry


IDEA behind the scenes


Inside the IDEA ecosystem multiple application are running to ensure that your portal is always up and running, gets new information or is in line with an onboard/cloud setup.

IDEA YACHT has several tools beside the web page you are daily working with, today we would like to introduce two of them to you and explain why they are important to the everyday use of IDEA.

Let’s start with the IDEA Replicator, replication is used to move data and files from one location to another. For example, your IDEA onboard installation uses the replicator to send your data to your cloud version. With the upcoming update for IDEA YACHT we will provide a ground up new replication solution made from IDEA for IDEA to replace the current solution. Of course, the main goal for a replication service is to keep both sides at the same level but it also has to monitor the application state, prevent issues and act as a conflict resolver in case both sides have changed the same data.

Getting your data safely around is one thing but how do we handle hundreds of IDEA YACHT portals without driving our admin & development team crazy? The answer is our CI & CD tool set, CI stands for “continues integration” and describes the complete process from a single developer change over automate testing and creation of the actual application. CD on the other hand stands for “continues delivery”, if our integration pipeline finishes an update for IDEA YACHT our delivery pipeline is capable of rolling this out to all our online IDEA portals. Of course, each update includes a backup and a checkup when the process is finished without the need of any manual click.

Stay tuned for further news about the new IDEA Replicator.

Stay safe and all the best & STAY TUNED!
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