Newsletter October 2020

1st IDEA Virtual Academy ended

With more than 80 registered users we have exceeded our expectations by far. Interesting discussions and questions for several of the presentations showed us your appreciation and our vital community. For sure we also received several emails where attendees informed us that appointments got in their way, therefore we decided to share all session videos with all of you to allow you to see the current IDEA development topics we had. Please do not hesitate to contact each of us with feedback or further questions. All videos can be found at the Virtual Academy section on our Website.


The new IDEA realease is out: Hello 2020.3


Hundreds of hours were again dedicated to your core operating software – beside countless things to improve your user experience, these are just the add-ons and new implemented functions of the IDEA Yacht 2020.3 build:

  • The department editor now shows an overview about the usage of a department in IDEA YACHT
  • Improved import validations
    • Each of our imports has now more detailed checks and error messages, preventing wrong date formats or issues with numbers
  • Various pages now remember the last used filter and restore it if the user opens the page again
  • Auto update the delivery date in a purchase order when marked as delivered
  • Always open today in the log days function, i.e. if a customer created log days in the future, IDEA will always open the newest
  • Fix for very low resolution screens to display the idea start bar correctly
  • Optional cover picture in the “Items by storage”-Area
  • Various security checks for users & easier crew management
    • Prompt to the user after a login, if his password no longer matches the current settings
    • Ensure the user has set a valid login name

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team to schedule an update to the latest version if you are part of a valid support plan.

Stay safe and all the best & STAY TUNED!
Your IDEA Team