Newsletter October 2019

What’s new in our latest version 2019.3?

We used the Monaco Yacht Show as a special occasion to gather a lot of client feedback and to improve our current version. Therefore, we would just like to give you a short overview of what’s new in IDEA YACHT’s latest version, which has been launched by the end of September.

Apart from many detailed improvements of IDEA YACHT 2019.3., such as the integration of a new Search UI, an extension of the one-time tasks and the improvement of the maintenance system itself, we released a new version of the IDEA App – available for Android and IOS.

As major changes, we extended our “one-time tasks” maintenance system precisely. From now on, each new one-time task is able to receive a name, already existing one-time tasks will get a name based on the first line of the description. The historical record of all maintenance tasks will receive a name as well, which also enhances the search function of maintenance tasks as they can now be found via name.

Announcement for all online users

Due to the latest improvements of IDEA YACHT and the associated introduction of the latest version 2019.3, we want to equip all our customers with the latest features and functions.

We scheduled the update for all online instances for Wednesday the 29th of October between 10:00 am -17:00 pm.  This will lead to a short downtime (approximately max 30 minutes) of your online portal on that day.
Please keep that in mind and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

On the horizon

Nevertheless, what’s currently on the table for the final release for 2019?
We focus on improving the certification handling, which will mainly include the following two points:

  • Allow to define a set of certificates for user positions
  • Check if all crew has valid certificates according to your definitions 

Also on the list of long-time requests for an improvement are customized positions. With the pre-work done over 2019 we are now ready to plan this feature of adding/renaming positions in quarter four of 2019 as many of you were asking for such a feature.

We always try to stay ahead of changes and are looking forward to improve IDEA YACHT to your needs. Therefore, please drop us an e-mail with your feedback, questions and ideas at

“Takeaways” from the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The Monaco Yacht Show 2019 was, as always, an outstanding event in the exhibition calendar, cementing its status as the leading yachting event.

For us as a software and service provider for crews, shipyards and management companies, it was a pleasure to meet so many of our clients and to have meaningful conversations with them. You gave us new insights on how you use our products in your daily routines and helped us to form new ideas to improve IDEA products and develop it into an even more valuable asset among the tools you are using.

We are very grateful for your honest (positive and negative) feedback because only this feedback gives us the chance to become a better company with products you like to use. That is why we would like to intensify this contact with all of you in the future.

We will be present at a few more shows this year at which you can visit us:

  • Fort Lauderdale International
    Boat Show (30th October – 3rd November 2019)
  • METS Amsterdam
    (18th November – 21st November 2019)

If you are not able to attend one of the boat shows and meet us in person you can always get in touch with us via mail:

  • If you have ideas for cool new functions, criticism, praise, please write an email to
  • If you encounter any problems with our products you can contact our support at
  • Information and sales: If you need detailed information on our products or if you would like to have a quote for one our products or services please write a mail to