It is always a pleasure to attend the outstanding trade shows of the Yachting Industry.
Of course, this time of the year is always a hectic one and times come with a packed calendar and nearly unmanageable meeting lists but besides that, it is always a great chance to see all these amazing people who make the industry as wonderful as it is.

The METS, as one of the most important and thrilling exhibitions in the trade show calendar, provided a suitable setting for presenting the novelties and to introduce the changes of IDEA YACHT.

Talking to many of the key players from the industry helped us to collect valuable new impressions to drive changes and developments way further.
With this in mind, we want to take that opportunity to thank all our clients, business partners and close friends who made the season of 2019 as successful and unforgettable as it became!

Why you should invest in a PMS software

Maintenance on a ship is essential to comply with regulations and guarantee to save operation.
In the maritime industry, you find lots of analogue and digital maintenance plans ranging from rough sketches on paper to digital Excel or Word documents on some computers onboard. Often the maintenance is done by the crew without errors. Normally problems arise when an audit is due or the crew changes. Where is everything recorded? Where are the schedules? This is the situation in which a PMS software can support the crew in getting the job done. In our latest article, we listed 10 reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a PMS system.

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P.S.: in our December newsletter we will present some advice on how to find and implement the right PMS system.

We need you!

not only the show season is coming to an end, but also the year 2019, we would like to take that occasion to review our last chances and additions to IDEA YACHT and figure out how we are able to improve and to strive for new innovative ideas.
If you have a minute, please take part of the following survey and answer a few short questions: