Newsletter March 2019

Release Update

2019 is still young but we are already working hard on the announcement of our first update of the year. To achieve this, we gathered a lot of feedback over the last few months and tried to integrate as many improvements as possible, including suggestions and feature requests from our clients. Consequently, you can expect many enhancements to the user experience of IDEA YACHT. The next version will be available by the beginning of April 2019.
This certainly does not mean that we have already reached all of our goals for 2019; further developments and improvements are coming soon. This update is just the beginning of several new features for IDEA YACHT. Stay curious and expect cool things for the rest of 2019.
Until then, please keep sending us feedback and suggestions on IDEA YACHT. This helps us to further improve IDEA, making it even more invaluable for all of our clients.

Company Insights

Although we are a software company that has developed products in-house for nearly 20 years, even we have to rely on tools to help us with our daily tasks. One of these tools is a help-desk software called Freshdesk, developed by Freshworks. Freshdesk supports our customer care staff in keeping track of your requests and helps them to respond as quickly as possible.
Whenever you contact us via email (, a new support ticket is automatically generated within our Freshdesk system. The ticket is immediately assigned to one of our customer care agents who will take over your request. Freshdesk has reduced our average response time to new requests to less than 4 hours. Most of the tickets are resolved in less than 24 hours. This would not be possible without the right tools to support our great team.
As a client, you can easily check the status of your ticket in our support portal. Additionally, the portal gives you the option to read through a growing number of FAQs, manage your open support tickets or create a new one. Freshdesk was designed to streamline the customer support process for both customers and providers and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the increased efficiency.

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