Newsletter June / July 2020

MONACO YACHT SHOW cancelled – Luckily we have a solution!

Currently planned for September or October we have decided to hold the 1st IDEA Academy, Key note speakers, dedicated training sessions, meet the programmer and various other things are on the Agenda, but much more important for us: What are you interested in?

Give us your feedback and help us to customize the IDEA Academy to your needs, whether you are a captain, engineer, management company or super yacht builder. There are opportunities for everyone!

Participate here to make sure you get an invite!


IDEA Yacht 2020.2


We are proud to announce the release of version 2020.2 of our IDEA Yacht software.

This release focuses primarily on usability improvements as our development team took your feedback from over 140 tickets, to improve IDEA Yachts usability and comfort. We thank you for this feedback and try to take as much of it on board as possible. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Improved import functionality: new checks were integrated that allow more detailed error messages to warn of wrong date or number formats prior to the import.
  • Optimization of the user interface to make it more compatible with low screen resolutions.
  • If password requirements are changed users are informed at the next login if their password does not match the new requirements.
  • Crew certificates can now be set to “never expire”.
  • Users can now upload their signature in the documents tab of their user profile. This signature will automatically be printed if a purchase order was approved by this crew member.
  • The maintenance page now has a switch to always include any overdue task matching the filter.
  • Reminders can now be limited to a user defined group based on the crew state, e.g. reminders can be limited to users with the status “Onboard”

The update will be available on 13. July 2020.


Leave & Rest Tracker


How do you keep track of the working hours of your crew? Are you using Excel files? This can be a thing of the past with the revamped IDEA Leave & Rest Tracker. Your crew data is already entered in IDEA, so with this solution you don’t have to use several software suits making you more efficient and saving time.

Recently we released our completely overhauled “Leave & Rest Tracker”. During development it was our goal to greatly improve the usability of the module while expanding the detailed controlling options.

The recording of work and rest hours were greatly simplified by adding a new calendar control. This streamlines recording the data and reduces time for each crew member.

Depending on the contract conditions, which can be defined for each crew member individually, a new controlling function provides the captain or the management company with a tool to monitor compliance to conventional work regulations like MLC.

Please feel free to directly check the new functionality: IDEA YACHT

Stay safe and all the best & STAY TUNED!
Your IDEA Team

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