Newsletter June 2019

IDEA YACHT – new functions and features – release of 2019.2 by beginning of July

We are constantly working on new functions and features to stay ahead of the industry rules and regulations mentioned in the third article below, which shall help our customers to prevent from any imponderability’s and to manage their daily tasks on-board much more efficiently than before. 
Therefore, we would like to introduce a few more features of IDEA YACHT.Please find below some of the highlights for the next release. 

Improved Stock Control Module

The stock control module provides a detailed overview of all items, which have entered and left the vessel.Due to several adjustments, changes within the stock can now be easier identified and reasons for them recorded.

Besides the better overview, it is now possible to integrate new items one time and adjust the amount of it manually. This saves time adding new items to the system and prevents from any discrepancies of the real stock on-board and the ones included in the database.

On top of that, we guarantee that existing data and stock levels will not get lost by integrating them to the new version. Another advantage to enhance the workflow on-board will be that from now on every spare part will be linked to a storage area on-board. No lost items anymore!
New IDEA YACHT goes Fleet – New product available by end of 2019
The yachting industry becomes more professional and complex every year. With these changes in industry, international operating Management
Companies facing different types of challenges every day, such as supervising the daily routines and gathering all types of information on-board a super yacht.
Therefore, we took the opportunity to assemble a lot of feedback from specific management companies and decided to start an initiative to develop a Fleet Management Portal (FMP), which will future wise help fleet managers collect and manage all information in an easy and timely manner.
The re-use of an already existing product ensured that we had not to start from scratch and were able to develop a trial version of a FMP within 3 month, which is currently tested by several management companies.
With the feedback in hand, we will continue developing the Fleet Portal and adjust it to the needs of the Industry.
We will shortly provide many more information on our latest product – the Fleet Management Portal – stay tuned.
Yachting and our responsibility towards the environment

Climate change is an undeniable fact these days and can be observed throughout the planet.
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) realized early that ships play a major role on the global climate change and started discussions on how to achieve a greener foot print for all kinds of ships including yachts with the introduction of the first MARPOL Regulation in 1978. For us as a software company we have to react to the changing legislations and adjust our software to reflect the new regulations.
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