Newsletter July 2019

Summer season 2019 is in full swing and like all of our clients we are working hard to get things done and keep our valued customers happy.

As planned at the beginning of this year we are delivering our second major update in 2019. We used the past quarter to improve one of our core modules in IDEA Yacht: the stock control and purchasing system.
Besides these developments, we released the first version of our new product IDEA FMP (Fleetmanagement Portal) and made it available for selected companies for testing. The feedback we received is now used to optimize our product and finally start promoting it in the yachting industry.
Please find below more information about these topics.

A new look and improved functionality for Stock Control 2.0   

In about a week’s time, on 10.7.2019, we will release our second major update in 2019. The second update will present IDEA’s Stock Control Module in a new look. We improved the usability and added new functionalities that complement our stock control & purchasing module nicely.

Like in other parts of IDEA before, we now changed the purchasing overview to a server side grid that improves loading times drastically. At the same time, the view itself was modernized and filter options were added to make it easier to navigate a large number of POs in different states.

One of the greatest setbacks in this view until now has been the missing adaptability of IDEA’s PO workflow to internal vessels or management company workflows. With the new version, crew members and/or management can now add or rename purchase order states themselves to reflect their individual purchase order workflow.
With the revamp of the stock control module we introduce a budget and approval function for purchasing. Administrators can now create budgets for roles and/or departments to control expenses of the vessel.

These functions are complimented by improved stock management and stock history capabilities. Users can now reproduce all spare parts movements in detail. Every time the stock level of an item is changed, the change is tracked with amount, reason and person who triggered the change.
A complete list of all improvements and bug fixes can be found in our release notes, which will be available by the 10th of July.


In February 2019 we started our journey to develop a fleet management portal that would be compatible with both our products, IDEA Yacht and IDEA SBA. This task was more complicated than initially anticipated and resulted in quite some development work, but we finally managed to release a first version that is able to cope with all our product databases and helps fleet managers to supervise their vessels.
Although we already have a working version out there, we are not tired of improving and bringing it up to the next level. To ensure these actions, we need you to test the FMP in order to generate Feedback and to drive enhancements forward.
The more feedback we get – the more useful features can be implemented into the FMP.
If fleet management sounds interesting to you, please feel free to contact us or request a demo access to FMP.

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