Newsletter January 2021

IDEA 2021.1 is here!


Again a lots of improvements, features and nice to have found it’s way into the first IDEA Yacht release 2020: 

  • Online backup for databases 
  • Hours of rest
  • Replication management page in IDEA YACHT
    • See status of replication
    • Allow to pause and resume
    • Trigger instant replication
  • Various new filters, sorting for multiple pages in IDEA YACHT
  • Allow top copy structure in logs and rounds
  • Select how the vessel database should display spare parts in the tree
  • New field for certificate to group certificates by state (pre-build, delivery, refit etc.)

To see more detailed information please click here


Never fear data loss again: The Online Backup 

There were several occasions around 2020 when we got informed by customers that they lost all their latest data. Thousands of Dollars have been spend to recover hard drives and to find the source of the problem. As a reliable partner for all our customers we now integrated an interesting feature for every yacht with a normal service plan: The automatic online backup.

IDEA YACHT can daily upload a database backup to our backup infrastructure to our HISEC data center in Düsseldorf. We will always keep the last 3 backups. In case you want to disable this, you will find the related option in the system settings (permission required to see this page). The system setting page will also show you the last time we successfully uploaded a backup. See here for more information. 


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