Newsletter February 2021


New IDEA gifts in 2021!


IDEA grows more and more over the years. We are realizing daily how many things we initiated and how much we have outgrown our small start-up over the course of 20 years now. 

It is time to say thank you to our most important asset: You. With more than 1.000 Installations on vessels ranging from 23m to 180m we are definitely the most versatile software suitable for all kind of yachts.

Starting with the standard package you get a simple and easy to use technical database to maintain any necessary compliance for your vessel or super yacht, up to a professional rolled out version similar to any commercial software on the market, but tailor made for the super yacht industry and their needs to:

  • Enhance safety for crew & passengers
  • Reduce the operating & maintenance costs
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Improve the operational efficiency
  • Be regulatory compliant

The Gifts: 

All this in mind we are proud to announce the following extensions to our annual support & maintenance plan: 

  • Free of charge bulletproof database backup at IDEA secured German data center as mentioned already in our last newsletter
  • IDEA mobile App free of charge as long the plan is running
  • Internal database consistency check starting with our next release 2021.1 to find abandoned components or missing maintenance intervals. 

Not even to mention our extraordinary one of the kind support, which installs IDEA YACHT on board for you, we also make sure you get your IDEA YACHT update regularly. Getting you up to speed in case of the seldom event that IDEA has a malfunction is also part of our service.

Therefore: We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please email us NOW!


Stay Tuned!

Your IDEA Team

(Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash)


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The IDEA team