Newsletter February 2019

In our first newsletter in 2019 we would like to give you an outlook on our plans for 2019 and introduce our latest software release for IDEA Yacht.

The roadmap 2019

During the last years we saw a much faster development on all aspects of software, especially with regards to browsers and operating systems. That is why we decided to intensify our efforts to update our code basis to ensure future compatibility with browsers and operating systems.
Apart from this we proceed to improve our new user interface based on the feedback we received from all our clients and introduce new / improved functions in certain parts of IDEA Yacht. The focus here is on stock control and log and rounds.
It will be a busy year for our development team to implement everything that is currently planned, but we are certain to present you a lot of new features and improvements in 2019.
Nevertheless do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have ideas for a new feature or an improvement for IDEA Yacht. This helps us to develop a useful tool to support you in your daily work.

IDEA Yacht version 2018.4 release

At the beginning of January we have released IDEA Yacht version 2018.4. Besides a lot of improvements on the user interface and some bug fixes, we implemented a new brand new forms functionality as part of safety documents module. A user can now create, manage and fill-out forms directly at the screen and save it in a history for easy access during a survey.
The roll-out of this update for our online clients has already started. Our replicator customers will be contacted soon to update their installation. All our clients with a valid support contract are eligible to the update and can request the update file:

Tech corner

Nowadays technology is evolving at an ever faster pace introducing new gadgets and devices on a weekly basis. One of the technologies with the biggest impact on our daily lives is the Internet of Things (IoT). It is already changing our lives without being noticed by a lot of us. Please read more about this technology in our short introductory article on our news blog.

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