Besides that, the following adjustments were made to the Leave & Rest Module”:

  • Excel export for leave and rest raw data
  • Two reports were included to get a timesheet or an overview about entered hours
  • Detailed break down of different entered data for crew members including violations

  Another major change is the introduction of a versatile department and position management system. For the past, our support team was the dedicated department who was just able to change that. From today on the user himself is able to create and edit departments, positions, roles and workflows in IDEA which reduces waiting time and unnecessary email correspondence.
Apart from the major changes, you can see a quick overview of smaller improvements and bug fixes to make your daily work with IDEA as efficient and smooth as possible listed below:

  • Fix order of IMO crew report
  • Included an upload button for storage cover pictures
  • A new report for entry point barcodes
  • Fix copy task feature to also include event triggers
  • Button to directly open the attached document from the “Documents” tab in the purchase detail page
  • System setting related to the view of the spare part barcode label (simple/full aka just a barcode and a name or additional info)
  • Many more… (will be included around mid-next week)

Besides that, we now offer a different pricing scheme for IDEA Licenses.
Please note that with 2020.1 IDEA YACHT will group 3 mobile licenses as one blocked network license, see the example below:

  • 0 paired mobile devices = 0 network licenses
  • 1 paired mobile device   = 1 network license
  • 2 paired mobile devices = 1 network license
  • 3 paired mobile devices = 1 network license
  • 4 paired mobile devices = 2 network licenses

PLEASE NOTE: Our IDEA administrator user (or any user marked as an IDEA employee inside the portal) can now login at any time, the login will not block a license for the customer.

Using the “Logs & Rounds” module to check safety equipment

On vessels of all sizes, ISM relevant items must be checked on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all regulations. Because of the amount of ISM relevant equipment (firefighting, lifesaving etc.) these checks are very time-consuming. IDEA Yacht offers some functions to speed up the process. Here you can read more about checking such equipment in IDEA.


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