Newsletter April 2019

New IDEA Yacht update 2019.1

In the past months we received a lot of feedback from our clients. This feedback is very valuable to us as a company as it shows what we do well and where we have to improve. For our first update in 2019, we decided making it “your version” by concentrating on your improvement and feature requests and implementing as many as we can. The results can be seen in IDEA Yacht version 2019.1.

Please find some of the highlights of this update

Horizontal layout

The two pictures below illustrate the difference between a vertical layout and a horizontal layout:

(Img 1: Vertical layout / version 2018.4)

(Img 2: Horizontal layout / version 2019.1)

The change has many benefits for you as a user. A lot of whitespace between the lines is eliminated which means that more information can be displayed in the same amount of space. This results in a better overview and less scrolling.

Improved input screens

Until now, the input screens within IDEA yacht were still based on the old IDEA.NET user interface which was replaced last year. As a result, they were hard to navigate and it was even harder to grasp all the information presented in this screen. We designed new input screens throughout the program that are more structured and easier to handle.

(Img 3: Ticking of a maintenance task)

New permission manager

The permission manager received a complete overhaul. The old version did not go along with the new design and was difficult to use. All permissions were on a single page which resulted in a lot of scrolling. This new version creates a simpler overview and a new toggle feature enhances the usability of this module.

(Img 4: Permission Manager)

Some other improvements include:

– Improved scalability of windows through removal of iframes and implementing responsive design, resulting in better viewing from tablets.
– Spare parts can be defined for “One-Time Tasks”
– Entries in the rotation log of the Crew & Guest Database can now be edited to correct false entries.
– and many more…

You can find the complete list of changes in this update here.

In the next update, we will continue to implement your ideas to make IDEA Yacht an even better software. We rely on your feedback, good and bad. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas by sending an email to

Introduction to Maintenance Methodologies

Maintenance is a widely used concept in all industries today. In the yachting industry, most vessels use preventive maintenance as their method of choice. However, there are more methodologies in use than just preventive maintenance. In our latest article, we would like to introduce you to the history of maintenance and give you an overview of the most common maintenance methodologies. You can read the full article here.

So stay tuned!
Carolin Eidecker & Daniel Wolthausen