IDEA at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

The gleaming azure waters of Monaco’s Port Hercules are about to be adorned with the most luxurious vessels as The Monaco Superyacht Show sets sail once again. Among the array of prestigious exhibitors, Idea Data Solutions is ready to make waves at booth DS68. If you’re seeking to enhance your superyacht operations and ensure seamless management, learning about our cutting-edge yacht management solution software is one to add to your list for the show. We’d also love to catch up with our existing clients and to gather your feedback about our IDEA YACHT and IDEA FLEET solutions at the show from 27th-30th September.

Why Visit Booth DS68 at Monaco Yacht Show 2023?

Idea Data Solutions has been a trailblazer in developing innovative software solutions, and our yacht management software is no exception. A superyacht isn’t just a vessel; it’s a lifestyle and a statement. Managing these marvels of engineering, however, can be a challenging endeavour. That’s where Idea Data Solutions steps in.

Discover the Advantages:

  • Effortless Operations: Imagine effortlessly managing crew schedules, maintenance tasks, and your documentation all in one place. Our yacht management software streamlines operations, ensuring a stress-free and efficient experience for both crew and owners.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Making informed decisions is paramount in yacht management. The software provides data and analytics that empower you to optimize fuel monitoring, track maintenance costs, and enhance overall performance.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: For charter yacht owners, guest satisfaction is paramount. With Idea Data Solutions’ software, you can make the life of yout interior and deck crew easier, allowing them to concentrate on making their guests’ experience one to remember.
  • Online and Off-Line: In a world where connectivity is crucial, our software can be updated automatically or scheduled, letting you monitor and control various aspects of your yacht whilst ensuring security is paramount.
Find out what’s on the horizon:

We’re proud to always be pushing to improve our solutions. With our in-house team of developers, we strive to continuously create new features, modules and functionality for IDEA YACHT, IDEA FLEET and IDEA ASSET. At Monaco, come and find out what is in the works and receive exclusive first live demonstrations of brand-new features, including

  • Spectro|Jet-Care: Our partnership is continuing to develop as we allow full integration for all type of samples Hydraulic, fuel, oil, fire mist water
  • Forms editor: Create interactive forms connect them to your existing flag/management documentation. Create dynamic content, use data from your vessel database and more.
  • Muster Lists module: Find us at Monaco to learn more…
  • IDEA Vision: Machine learning for yachting. One of our most exciting developments of recent times. Automatically detect and analyse layout drawings.

Engage and learn:

At The Monaco Superyacht Show, Idea Data Solutions invites you to explore their booth DS68. Engage with our team of experts who are eager to showcase the software’s features, answer your questions, and discuss how it can revolutionize your yacht management experience. Whether you’re a yacht owner, captain, or industry professional, this is an opportunity to delve into the future of yacht management.

In the world of superyachts, excellence is not just an aspiration; it’s an expectation. Idea Data Solutions at booth DS68 is your gateway to elevating your yacht experience, ensuring seamless operations, and maximizing your vessel’s potential. Join us at The Monaco Superyacht Show and set course for a new era of yacht management. Your voyage to enhanced luxury and efficiency begins here.

If you would like to book a time to meet us, contact our sales team who will be happy to talk you through what we are working on at IDEA.