Why seek counsel when building the equipment database?

Yachts of any size are highly complex systems. The bigger the yacht the more complex the systems onboard become, and the amount of equipment and spare part information increases with the size of the yacht. In order to have a reliable maintenance system that reflects the latest flag and registry regulations, all information including maintenance tasks must be integrated into the database of the ship. This task is complex and very time-consuming. Often crews are required to fulfil this duty during a busy charter or refit time alongside their normal daily duties. This often results in incomplete databases that can lead to equipment failure and in extreme cases to severe accidents.

Depending on the situation it can be worth investing in consultancy to build the database. Although such a contract does not come cheap, however, the outcome of outsourcing the task might be more beneficial than you might expect.
Service providers often have a long history in the yachting industry and therefore are familiar with most of the equipment on board a superyacht. They can easily identify systems onboard and are familiar with common components used in the yachting industry. They often can revert to a large archive of previous projects and information to add missing information like manuals, maintenance or recommended spare parts.

This knowledge combined with their experience and dedication to the tasks guarantees a database delivery in a much shorter time and to a much higher standard compared to a database build by the crew. This can also allow the crew to concentrate on their daily tasks and ensure that guests onboard are well cared for or the refit goes as planned.
In short, outsourcing of the database build-up has other advantages:


  • Delivery of complete database according to specifications
  • The complete maintenance schedule for all equipment according to contract
  • A short time of delivery as the service provider is 100% dedicated to the task
  • High-quality database
  • Highlighting of missing information (equipment data, manuals, spares etc.)


If you are interested in a database or maintenance schedule build-up or if you have any questions you can always get in touch with our professional services department: info@idea-data.com


Your IDEA Team