COVID-19 Special Offer: Improved Database Service at 20% Discount

During the current global pandemic lot of people are stuck at home or on the yacht; this could be the perfect time to ramp-up your maintenance management?

For you as a professional crew member, a well-populated database with on point maintenance schedules is crucial.

Normally you could expect an IDEA engineer onboard to provide a worry-free database with pre-populated, detailed, as-built yacht information. Currently COVID-19 is preventing us from coming on board to perform these cross-checks.

To fill this gap and to share the workload, we are currently offering a 20% discount on our vessel database population service. The only assistance we ask from you is completing an excel sheet with your components and uploading the related documents.

And we will carry out the remainder of the work!

You will get a fully populated vessel database and maintenance schedule without any required onboard visits from us. Ensuring your yacht is maintained and everyone’s kept safe in the process.


  • 20% discount on our Maintenance Packages
  • Filling out the excel sheet, only the type of the component would be required
  • Uploading the related documents
  • Result: Full populated vessel database and maintenance schedule by IDEA

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