IDEA YACHT Release 2024.2

Release graphic 2024.2

2024.2 Key changes

Introducing the latest IDEA YACHT software release 2024.2, ushering in a wave of enhancements and fresh features to elevate your user experience to new heights.

In response to your feedback, we’ve revamped the order and quote request process within IDEA Direct Order, allowing you to seamlessly reply to comments directly in an order/quote request thread. Efficiency and clarity are now at your fingertips.

With the new update, you can effortlessly check in contractors, reviewers, visitors, and more through the intuitive interface of IDEA Crew Board. Managing personnel has never been easier.

Continuing our dedication to refining the user interface, we’ve made further updates and simplifications to the Round UI/UX. Experience smoother navigation and enhanced functionality as you create and manage rounds. Plus, keep track of NFC checks in the round history, providing a comprehensive overview of each round’s activities.

Maintenance is key to the longevity of your vessel, so now, even if a job is deleted, you’ll always have access to the maintenance history for a component.

We’ve made managing users and responsibilities in the app easier than ever. Depending on your role and position, hide sections of the app to streamline your workflow and focus on what matters most.


2024.2 Changelog

Direct Order

With Direct Order, vessels can request order quotes directly from vendors, streamlining the procurement process. We’ve made communications even easier:

  • Reply to a comment directly in an order/quote request.
  • Vendor can now configure certain settings, such as default currency etc.

IDEA Crew Board

  • Now you can check in 3rd parties onboard, like contractors, reviewers, visitors etc.
  • Auto-fill to remember previous visitors, this is useful in case it’s a periodic visit, like IDEA checking your build process and to make documentations/take photos.
  • Scan in Crew ID cards to quickly check in/out (requires crew ID card module).
  • New overview tab, showing everybody onboard (crew and visitors).
  • Quickly navigate to IDEA Crew Board. Scan the QR code (printed and shared) to open the board from anywhere.

Logs & Rounds

  • Performance improvements for huge entry log value collections.
  • Further updates and simplification for the new Round UI/UX.
  • Reflect permission more easily, prevent starting rounds you can’t finish.
  • Tooltips to inform users why a button is disabled.
  • New feature: Point out that a round was run with NFC checks in the round history.
  • New feature: Power user keyboard navigation when completing a round on web.


  • New feature: Update multiple hour counters at the same time.
  • Always show maintenance history for a component even if the job was deleted.
  • Further columns for the maintenance history view, user can customise the tables to their needs.


  • Upgrade for layout drawing, better performance opener for further new features (stay tuned).
  • Simple sync view, we’ve made the interface cleaner with our famous IDEA yacht glyph.
  • New feature: Apply permission from web on mobile
  • Allow user to hide sections of the app depending on the users position and role. This links both IDEA YACHT web and app together so permissions and access are reflected in both. What a user has access to on the web, they will have access to on the app. This advancement greatly improves the management of the app onboard.

IDEA Snag List

  • External viewers can now be added with full view permissions (the default is currently limited permissions).
  • Very useful if you have a person working remotely that should see all content.
  • Full support in the external page and API.
  • A new field to track estimated time for snag entries.
  • Connect snag entries to purchase orders.
  • Complete new chat view.
  • UI / UX Updates for external pages to improve usability on desktops.

Purchasing & Stock control

  • Budget usage export, to integrate budget tracking in 3rd party apps.
  • New column for Purchase Order overview page to show total costs (users can design the table as they need it).

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