IDEA YACHT Release 2023.3

IDEA YACHT release 2023.3

2023.3 Key changes

Update 2023.3 IDEA YACHT sees big improvements to our IDEA YACHT App, including more functionality for using NFC Tags, a brand-new module for Standard Operating Procedures, and a raft of improvements and bug fixes. Our web-based platform sees some big developments to our Forms module, a new auto-updater for our software, a new Muster List module, and full support for more Spectro | Jet-Care fluid sample types, amongst a host of other additions and improvements to IDEA YACHT.



*NEW FEATURE* Update Pilot – Automated IDEA updates:

  • IDEA now introduces the Update Pilot feature, which automates the update process. Users will receive prompts to schedule and run updates in the background.
  • This results in quicker updates and fixes delivered directly to your onboard server, although currently limited to non-replicating vessels.
  • To utilize this feature, an active support plan is required.


Forms support for Tables:

  • The update includes comprehensive support for creating and managing forms with built-in editors.
  • A new Table control allows the creation of tables with various elements like dropdowns and text boxes.
  • Users can implement approval flows and segment forms into multiple sections, each signable by different crew members.
  • Forms are now fully accessible on iPads, phones, and web browsers.
  • Optionally, you can connect forms to existing documents (e.g., Word files) for a seamless transition to IDEA.


*NEW MODULE* Muster List:

  • A new module for creating Muster lists has been introduced, allowing users to configure their own muster lists with stations and duty assignments.


New budget approval matrix:

  • IDEA now supports multiple levels for budget approval, enabling complex configurations.
  • For example, you can set rules such as purchases up to 1k require no approval, while those between 1k and 5k need department head approval, and purchases above 5k require captain approval.
  • Budget codes/accounting codes can also be optionally linked to purchase orders, improving financial tracking.


*NEW MODULE* Standard Operating Procedures (APP & WEB):

  • A new module has been introduced within the app, allowing users to access and view Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) directly from their mobile devices.
  • SOPs can be designed and configured in the web interface, providing flexibility and accessibility.


Crew and guest forms/reports updated to reflect current IMO FAL Forms:

  • Forms and reports related to crew and guest information have been updated to align with the latest International Maritime Organization (IMO) FAL Forms standards.


Full support for all Spectro | Jet-Care sample types:

  • IDEA YACHT Web now provides comprehensive support for various Spectro | Jet-Care sample types, including oil samples, hydraulic samples, fire mist water samples, fuel samples, and fuel verification samples.


Updated Forms controls – using tables in your forms (APP & WEB):

  • This update introduces enhanced Forms controls, enabling the use of tables within your forms.
  • In IDEA YACHT Web, this means you can now create and customize tables within your forms, providing better organization and data structuring.



  • A brand-new funtionality in IDEA YACHT purchasing pages to allow vessels to request order quotes directly from vendors.
  • Seemlessly order spares, parts and inventory from within IDEA YACHT and see comments from your vendors.
  • IDEA YACHT will create a quote request from the purchase order and wait for vendor to price the purchase order items and propose an offer.


NFC support for forms:

  • With NFC support, you can swiftly access your frequently used forms by scanning an NFC token.
  • This feature streamlines the process of accessing and filling out forms, making it convenient for users on the go.


New round control:

  • The new round control brings significant performance improvements, ensuring smooth operation even when dealing with rounds consisting of 500+ points.
  • Users can now pick the next entry point from a list, eliminating the need to navigate through each point individually. This enhances efficiency and usability.


Improvements and fixes based on your feedback:

  • Thanks to valuable client feedback, a total of 47 issues have been addressed and resolved in the app.
  • It’s worth noting that sending error reports plays a significant role in identifying and rectifying issues, so your feedback is greatly appreciated and beneficial in enhancing the app’s performance and reliability.


*NEW MODULE* Standard Operating Procedures (APP & WEB)

Updated Forms controls – using tables in your forms (APP & WEB)

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