This summer brings a lot of changes to our company and our products. As you might have already noticed from the teaser on our homepage, we are rebranding our company with a new homepage and a new company name. Spectec GmbH will become IDEA Data Solutions GmbH – to keep in line with our original name back in 2001.

Additionally, we are moving to a new and larger office in Düsseldorf to be prepared for future endeavours and to create innovative new products.

For you, as our client, there will be some exciting developments, too. Apart from a new and user-friendly homepage, we will improve our support with a new software that will allow us to help you more efficiently and provide you with new options to interact with us.

Furthermore, we are working on new exciting features for our software IDEA.NET that will be released in the near future. We will introduce new functions, improve usability and a new look. We look forward to many exciting changes in the future.

With all the exciting changes going on in our company, the IDEA team will still be available for you to support you in your daily life.

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We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!
Your IDEA Data Solution Team