IDEA On The Horizon – May 2024

May 2024 IDEA Data Solutions developments

Welcome to the brand-new ‘IDEA On The Horizon’, where we’ll take a look at what is on the development roadmap for the IDEA Universe over the coming month, and what to look forward to in the latest release.

As we build to a more agile way of working, you’ll notice our software being updated more frequently than ever before. Across IDEA YACHT, IDEA FLEET and IDEA SBA, we’ll be working to ensure that your user experience is to the highest standard and that bugs and fixes are addressed promptly.

Here’s what is on the horizon at IDEA Data Solutions for May 2024.


  • Vessel database UI overhaul. (below)
    • We’re making huge changes to the look and feel of our vessel database, incorporating clearer colourways, new visual hierarchies, and simpler navigation tabs.


  • Budgets will now generate a description text to ensure you get exactly the approval flow that you wish to set.
    • Given the flexibility IDEA has, this should hopefully help you to solve things on their own without contacting us and of course also helps during presentations to explain what is possible.
  • IDEA Snag List now has a layout view in the web version. (below)
    • With the GA layout on the right, lists/table on the left, this great new advancement will allow you to quickly see the points in a workflow on your different layouts.
IDEA Snag List Layout New May 2024
  • IDEA Snag List sharing numbers are now department code and a counter.
    • The external page still shows the project number in front to help distinguish between multiple projects.
  • A new notification when a new snag entry is created.
  • Updated UI for IDEA Snag List Cloud to make the page easier to use on bigger screens, fix and align elements to follow design rules.
  • IDEA Chat tool gets new functionality.
    • Adding possibility to search in IDEA Snag List and IDEA Direct Order chat in web version.
    • Adding possibility to search in the IDEA Snag List and IDEA Direct Order external page chat.
  • Updated IDEA Cloud email templates to include more information in subject and message to help 3rdparties to understand who/what was shared with them.
  • IDEA Editor for photo documentation overview.



  • Advancements in Spare Parts features
    • A brand-new spare part request feature to IDEA FLEET Mobile app
    • Add movement feature to IDEA FLEET Mobile app.
    • A new view that will look like a shopping cart where you can see the summary of the spare request.
    • Scan barcodes within the spare part list view.


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