IDEA On The Horizon – June 2024

Welcome to ‘IDEA On The Horizon’, where we take a look at what is on the development roadmap for the IDEA Universe over the coming month, and what to look forward to in the latest release.

As we build to a more agile way of working, you’ll notice our software being updated more frequently than ever before. Across IDEA YACHT, IDEA FLEET and IDEA SBA, we’ll be working to ensure that your user experience is to the highest standard and that bugs and fixes are addressed promptly.

Here’s what is on the horizon at IDEA Data Solutions for June 2024.


  • 360 Photo Viewer/Editor: New Photo Documentation viewer (below)
    • View 360 photos of your vessel through different build stages to aid with maintenance and locate vital components and wiring etc.


  • Extended layout drawing module in the mobile app to allow markers (below)
  • Implement the functionality to add documents whilst performing a round (below)

Fixes and Improvements:

    • Display dates in the snag list details view based on the phone configuration.
    • Fix the issue where search results are always shown in tiles view, even if the system setting is set to list view.
    • Fix the issue where modifying a snag list entry in the mobile app does not generate notifications.
    • Fix the issue where adding a new comment to a snag list does not generate a notification.
    • Fix the issue where the calendar does not show birthdays.
    • Fix the issue where the start and end date fields for the “Timeframe” filter are not editable when the “Maintenance – Writeable” permission is disabled.
    • Upgrade Gradle plugins for Android IDEA YACHT and SBA.
    • Address NFC license constraints in the mobile app.


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