IDEA YACHT Release 2024.2.3

IDEA YACHT Release graphic 2024.2.3

2024.2.3 Key changes

We are excited to announce the release of IDEA YACHT 2024.2.3, packed with new features and improvements. IDEA Snag List now boasts a layout view in the web version, displaying the GA layout on the right and lists/tables on the left for a streamlined workflow. Snag List sharing has been enhanced with department codes and counters for better project distinction. Notifications for new snag entries and an updated UI for better usability on larger screens have been added. The IDEA Chat tool now includes search functionality for Snag List and Direct Order chats. In the mobile app, users can now add and edit photos in various sections, perform actions after scanning NFC tags, and add component cover pictures.

2024.2.3 Changelog


  • IDEA Snag List now has a layout view in the web version. (below)
    • With the GA layout on the right, lists/table on the left, this great new advancement will allow you to quickly see the points in a workflow on your different layouts.
IDEA Snag List Layout New May 2024
  • IDEA Snag List sharing numbers are now department code and a counter.
    • The external page still shows the project number in front to help distinguish between multiple projects.
  • A new notification when a new snag entry is created.
  • Updated UI for IDEA Snag List Cloud to make the page easier to use on bigger screens, fix and align elements to follow design rules.
  • IDEA Chat tool gets new functionality. (below)
    • Added possibility to search in IDEA Snag List and IDEA Direct Order chat in web version.
    • Added possibility to search in the IDEA Snag List and IDEA Direct Order external page chat.
Snag List Chat - Blog Update Asset
  • New dashboard purchase approval widget



  • Added a view where you can add photos, to allow users to edit images in the following sections:
    • Spare part
    • Storage
    • Snag list document and note
  • Additional actions after scanning an NFC tag. For instance, upon scanning a component, users will be able to create snag lists.
  • New functionality to add component cover pictures (below)
Component Cover Photo - Blog Update Asset
To book in your update on replicating installations please contact our support team on All online installations will update automatically.