Ask The Dirk: Switching between comment based and single field Log Book notes


Did you know that IDEA offers you 2 different ways of adding information to a daily log notes field?

Depending on the size of your vessel and how many people are effectively contributing into the daily log, it’s either sufficient to have one big text field that can be filled on the fly, or it could even be important to have a function where different people can make additions at different times, and have their edits given the corresponding timestamps.

IDEA YACHT allows you to setup your daily log notes exactly the way you need, and you can decide which input form fits your workflow best.

Here are some examples.

Text file mode:

IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 1

Comment based mode:

IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 2
IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 3
IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 4
IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 5

To change between the 2 modes of the daily log description field navigate to the Log Day Description Field option in the System Settings:

IDEA YACHT Ask The Dirk 5 6
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