Know your Boat

• Have detailed lists of all the equipment you have on your vessel, for example the main engines • Know the warranty periods • Easily identify parts instead of digging through your bilge Check out our onlinedemo at: http://demo.idea-s

Save money, earn money

• Perform maintenance before breakdowns occur, especially to have less repairs to make • When upgrading to your next boat, you will have a detailed historical report of all maintenance,   including a history of repairs that have been completed   Check out our online demo at:

Communicate with your mechanic

You can easily provide your mechanic with details of your vesselYour mechanic will be able to easily trouble shoot pre-existing problems – saving time and moneyHave a place to store and record all your documentation from previous maintenance and repairsPrint out maintenance reportsGive your mechanic an overview of all the problems on board Check out […]

Be ready away from the dock

• Prepare checklists before departure • Knowing you have all the spares and emergency equipment you need when you are away from the dock • Have history reports of all your equipment with you in case you need help when your local mechanic is back on shore Check out our onlinedemo at:

Be able to accurately and quickly describe your vessel

• Have reports prepared for the coast guards should they inquire about the equipment you have on-board,   including but not limited to safety equipment legally required • Have detailed maintenance history, for example for the surveyors • Report all your vessel’s components in one report Check out our onlinedemo at: