Planned Maintenance

Sub Chapter – M brought to light the importance of planned maintenance as a rule in operating safe and effective maritime assets, especially in the Brown Water and Costal Tug industries. Maintenance tasks can be assigned to specific personnel on-board each vessel to crew members to multiple vessels. Also there is a customisable hierarchy in […]

Inventory Cost Reduction

A properly implemented planned maintenance system allows maritime assets to perform at optimal conditions. IDEA SBA will provide you with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Additionally. IDEA SBA’s inventory tools help to streamline the process of the logistic tracking also as quantity tracking and the purchasing of inventory. IDEA SBA allows for inventory item information […]

Initial Investment – Cost reduction thanks to IDEA SBA

Initial Investment Unlike many of the more sophisticated options on the market, IDEA SBA has a relatively low cost of investment. This is due in part to the software as a service platform, not requiring large, expensive software license purchases. Especially the population of the IDEA SBA data is relatively simple – for example, with […]

SBA for Fleet Managers

 Manage your own fleet with a fleetwide overview • Share parts of your fleet with your team leaders • Work on your business, not in your business (KPIs, reminders, workflows) • Brand your own system • Keep on track with mobile devices for boat or repair crews   Check out our onlinedemo at:

SBA for Maintenance Managers

Supervise vessels relevant to you or, furthermore, get fleet wide access • Be informed about everything at the right time, especially maintenance events • Easily manage your trigger based maintenance in a easy-to-understand structure • The ability to generally forecast maintenance and inventory needs allows you to act instead of react • Use wizards, such […]

Crew Management

SBA for Crew Manager • Easily manage all your crew data, together with crew overviews and user management • Crew management, for example set cover pictures for crew members • Document section for crews including expiry functionality • Consequently track all documentation and certifcation expiries for all crew members and staff Check out our onlinedemo at: