Managing a Superyacht, a highly complex and advanced vessel, has never been so demanding. Constantly changing and ever more complex legal regulatory requirements, the responsibility for safety and protection of ship assets and personnel, and the need to safeguard the market value of the vessel through regular maintenance and upgrading are all increasingly significant challenges.

And the ability to meet these demands will always be compromised if pressure and workload are high and the availability of quality information is low. IDEA-YACHT is the industry-leading Yacht Management System designed specifically to meet these challenges and to enable the safe, efficient and effective operation of the vessel.

Inventory, Stock Control and Purchasing

Knowing what spare parts and other inventory are currently in stock and where they can be found is an essential component of the effective and efficient management of the vessel’s assets.


IDEA-YACHT provides a full record of the vessel’s inventory of technical and other assets (including locations) and enables the cost-effective management of optimum stock levels. The system enables the timely raising of purchase orders through the integrated Purchasing module, providing information on suppliers and previous purchase histories, and linking seamlessly with the vessel’s accounting system to ensure the transaction is recorded.

Document management

Keeping track of paper-based information can be a time-consuming burden and the consequences of losing important documentation can be significant.

IDEA-YACHT supports the full digitisation of vessel documentation including manuals, catalogues, technical drawings and schemas, certificates, correspondence and reports. These can be easily accessed and retrieved from the fail-safe and practical integrated document storage system.

Engine Room Logging

Having regular technical performance data as the basis for analysis and diagnostics can enable potential problems or failures to be foreseen and acted upon.

IDEA-YACHT provides an optional engine room logging module which provides tracking and monitoring of machine readings at regular intervals. IDEA-YACHT also has the ability to record readings automatically via an interface to the vessel’s own AMS system.

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