What is IDEA Online Academy?

A free, interactive e-learning platform which is designed to give you more detailed insights in our products and services. Sessions will be led by an IDEA product expert or a carefully selected guest speaker.

How does it work?

Live, interactive sessions will take place at the first monday of the month and will last for around an hour.

Each session will comprise of:

  • An introduction from the presenter.
  • A deep dive into the theme of the month, as chosen by our audience.
  • A chance for participants to answer any questions and discuss points of interest/ make suggestions.

Get an idea of the sessions and speakers planned – how we move forward will be shaped by your input!

Upcoming live sessions

Monday 4th April

Topic: IDEA Yacht 101 – Software Basics

Speaker: Felix Menges (Head of Sales at IDEA)

Monday 2nd May

Topic: IDEA Yacht User Account & Permission Management

Speaker: Katharina Hesse (Documentation Manager at IDEA)

Monday 6th June

Topic: Introduction to IDEA’s Professional Services

Speaker: Stefan Hachmann (Head of Professional Services at IDEA)

Monday 4th July

Topic: Inventory & Stock Control with IDEA YACHT

Speaker: Florian Upelj (Project Manager at IDEA)

We want to know what topics you want to see covered in more detail, what your pain points are and how our software expertise can make your life easier. 


How to get involved

Please register for the live sessions, by submitting your details in the contact form below. State which sessions you’d like to attend and we’ll send you a reminder with a link to join, shortly before the event.

This is your chance to submit ideas for topics you’d like us to cover and suggestions for how we can improve our live sessions.