IDEA On The Horizon – July 2024

Welcome to ‘IDEA On The Horizon’, where we take a look at what is on the development roadmap for the IDEA Universe over the coming month, and what to look forward to in the latest release.

With summer season in the Med well underway, we know that you’ll be utilising IDEA YACHT and IDEA FLEET alot, so we’ll be working to ensure that your user experience is to the highest standard and that bugs and fixes are addressed promptly.

Here’s what is on the horizon at IDEA Data Solutions for July 2024.


  • 360 Photo Viewer/Editor: New Photo Documentation viewer
    • View 360 photos of your vessel through different build stages to aid with maintenance and locate vital components and wiring and draw polygons to create areas to assign components.


  • We’re preparing a major update to allow you to customise the app dashboard
    • Define and implement widgets
    • New menu style
    • New Dashboard and Menu tutorial with Captain Clive

Fixes and Improvements:

    • You cannot import a component with the same name as a component that already exists in the same group
    • Error when opening “Permissions” page when some permissions are disabled
    • Corrected a small part of a picture in right top corner is missing in Search overview
    • Prevent the “System Settings” page crashing when the “Crew board pin” value is set to NULL and add script to set value for the “CrewBoardPin” row in the “SystemSettings” database table
    • Prevent the “System Settings” page to crash when fields: “Mobile check-in” and “Mobile check-out” are set to NULL and add script to set value for these two parameters in the “SystemSettings” database table


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