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Newsletter March

Release Update

2019 is still young but we are already working hard on the announcement of our first update of the year. To achieve this, we gathered a lot of feedback over the last few months and tried to integrate as many improvements as possible, including suggestions and feature requests from our clients. Consequently, you can expect many enhancements to the user experience of IDEA YACHT. The next version will be available by the beginning of April 2019.
This certainly does not mean that we have already reached all of our goals for 2019; further developments and improvements are coming soon. This update is just the beginning of several new features for IDEA YACHT. Stay curious and expect cool things for the rest of 2019.
Until then, please keep sending us feedback and suggestions on IDEA YACHT. This helps us to further improve IDEA, making it even more invaluable for all of our clients.

Company Insights

Although we are a software company that has developed products in-house for nearly 20 years, even we have to rely on tools to help us with our daily tasks. One of these tools is a help-desk software called Freshdesk, developed by Freshworks. Freshdesk supports our customer care staff in keeping track of your requests and helps them to respond as quickly as possible.
Whenever you contact us via email (, a new support ticket is automatically generated within our Freshdesk system. The ticket is immediately assigned to one of our customer care agents who will take over your request. Freshdesk has reduced our average response time to new requests to less than 4 hours. Most of the tickets are resolved in less than 24 hours. This would not be possible without the right tools to support our great team.
As a client, you can easily check the status of your ticket in our support portal. Additionally, the portal gives you the option to read through a growing number of FAQs, manage your open support tickets or create a new one. Freshdesk was designed to streamline the customer support process for both customers and providers and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the increased efficiency.

Newsletter February 2019

In our first newsletter in 2019 we would like to give you an outlook on our plans for 2019 and introduce our latest software release for IDEA Yacht.

The roadmap 2019

During the last years we saw a much faster development on all aspects of software, especially with regards to browsers and operating systems. That is why we decided to intensify our efforts to update our code basis to ensure future compatibility with browsers and operating systems.
Apart from this we proceed to improve our new user interface based on the feedback we received from all our clients and introduce new / improved functions in certain parts of IDEA Yacht. The focus here is on stock control and log and rounds.
It will be a busy year for our development team to implement everything that is currently planned, but we are certain to present you a lot of new features and improvements in 2019.
Nevertheless do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have ideas for a new feature or an improvement for IDEA Yacht. This helps us to develop a useful tool to support you in your daily work.

IDEA Yacht version 2018.4 release

At the beginning of January we have released IDEA Yacht version 2018.4. Besides a lot of improvements on the user interface and some bug fixes, we implemented a new brand new forms functionality as part of safety documents module. A user can now create, manage and fill-out forms directly at the screen and save it in a history for easy access during a survey.
The roll-out of this update for our online clients has already started. Our replicator customers will be contacted soon to update their installation. All our clients with a valid support contract are eligible to the update and can request the update file:

Tech corner

Nowadays technology is evolving at an ever faster pace introducing new gadgets and devices on a weekly basis. One of the technologies with the biggest impact on our daily lives is the Internet of Things (IoT). It is already changing our lives without being noticed by a lot of us. Please read more about this technology in our short introductory article on our news blog.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time. Most of us already use devices that are part of IoT on a daily basis without even noticing. IBM, as one of the largest global players in modern technologies, defines IoT as “any object with embedded electronics that can transfer data over a network — without any human interaction.” Most of us know IoT devices as so called smart devices, like your smartphone, loudspeakers or lights that can be adjusted using an app on your phone.
Closely connected to IoT are two additional technologies that cause a big stir in the technology community are Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. All three technologies combined have the potential to change the way we live and interact in the future completely.
IoT devices with all their sensors collect a huge amount of data and often send it to the device manufacturer or a service provider. This data can be analysed for patterns and the results can be used to for example forecast traffic in city areas or predict flu outbreaks in a specific area (Big Data Analytics). Special learning algorithms throughout the analytics and prediction process help finetuning predictions (machine learning). These technologies can be used to analyse data on a wide scale for example for a smart city and narrowed down to autonomous driving and offering services for an individual.

What does this technology mean for your live onboard a yacht?

IoT is sometimes already changing the way of working onboard a state-of-the-art yacht and future projects will make more and more use of IoT. Devices in all areas of the vessel can be equipped with sensors that interconnect the equipment and provide data that can be used to run the yacht more efficiently. All areas of the ship will be affected from navigation to engineering and interior. Here a few examples how your life can be affected by IoT.

Navigation/Deck: Sensors collect environmental data all over the ship e.g. wind and weather data data, water data (temperature, current speed and direction etc.), traffic data of the surrounding sea area. This data is constantly analyzed and compared with the route planning. Based on the results the system can automatically change course to optimize fuel consumption. Ultimately this function will result in fully autonomous yachts.

Engineering: equipment suppliers start implementing new sensors into their machinery to better observe machinery data. Based on this data they propose maintenance tasks. These new sensors and smart devices for entertainment installed all over the ship bear new tasks for the engineers and the ETO with regards to maintenance. Computer knowledge will become more important in daily work.

Interior/Galley: A lot of tech companies will provide a variety of integrated entertainment and luxury systems to increase the comfort for guests and crew onboard. Crew must familiarize with more complex systems in guest areas and galley. To name a few examples: lighting connected to entertainment systems and speec recognition, smart, self cooking kitchen equipment with automatic order procedures and a lot more.

All these developments promise a completely new user and guest experience onboard a modern superyacht, but, as it is often with new technologies, it bears also new threats to the users.

Challenges and threats

Despite the nearly endless posibillities of IoT to improve our everyday life there are great threats to security and privacy that must be addressed.
At the moment IoT for private and industrial use is still at the beginning of it‘s development. Although there are already a lot of smart devices on the market there is a no real common standard for the data exchange between the devices. Currently there are still a variety of concurrent transfer methods on the market. In consequence you always have to carefully check if a new device is compatible to your existing system.
On all trade fairs manufacturers introduce new devices or a new revision of an existing device and extend their product portfolio in this way. Therefore the devices are often still very expensive and requires high investments to keep the systems up-to-date. Something that is state-of-the-art today can be obsolete in a year. This lifecycle is even shorter than that for smartphones.
Despite the fast developments the biggest problem at the moment is the lack of security. All devices are embedded into the ship‘s computer network and are even reachable over the internet. A lot of studies and hacking attempts showed that the devices are still quite easy to access from outside and steal data. Although the manufacturers are not getting tired to assure that their devices are secure. Especially yachts handle and store private data of guest that must be secured at all times. Smart devices can be used to penetrate the network‘s security to get access to computer‘s onboard.

Best regards
Daniel Wolthausen
Product Manager IDEA Yacht & Customer Care Manager

IoT in general
Smart Cities
Smart Home
Smart Lightning hack

Düsseldorf Boot Show 2019

We cordially would like to invite you to the German Boot Show from the 19th till the 27th of January in our hometown Düsseldorf.

Please feel free to pass by anytime at our booth 27G in Hall 7a to discover our latest developments of IDEA Yacht, like

– Updated reports framework
– New IDEA forms editor with forms
– Overview page and filter grid for forms module
– Hundreds other small things

…or to discuss the upcoming roadmap.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!
Best regards

Christmas: The final spurt!

Choose your modules now:

Modules for the safe operation of the vessel, with a lot of handy tools and features like the department log; it allows you to order maintenance intervals in rounds for all departments to maintain e.g. safety relevant equipment audit and PSC compliant with muss less workload.
Alternatively start organize the complete safety management in one point of access with modules like drills or certificates.
Last but not least, there are several modules for the administration of the vessel in general for crew and guest management or accounting

Contact us by email and ask for your orderform:
or give us a call: +49 211 3036628!

We have started delivering our Christmas gifts early!!


Choose your modules now:

Modules for the safe operation of the vessel, with a lot of handy tools and features like the department log; it allows you to order maintenance intervals in rounds for all departments to maintain e.g. safety relevant equipment audit and PSC compliant with muss less workload.
Alternatively start organize the complete safety management in one point of access with modules like drills or certificates.
Last but not least, there are several modules for the administration of the vessel in general for crew and guest management or accounting

Contact us by email and ask for your orderform:
or give us a call: +49 211 3036628!

Holidays are overrated

After the great feedback from the story I shared previously, I thought it might be nice to share some more insights.

Working for a company with a lot of Italian customers and colleagues, it is a smart decisions to time any vacation wisely. For me this was always the week of Ferragosto (Feast of Assumption), where all Italian shipyards closed at that time, meaning it was the perfect time to visits friends in Tuscany and enjoy an undisturbed holiday. Unfortunately that doesn’t always work out as originally planned.

Mid-week (of Ferragosto) I got a call off a management company, with an urgent request that I come visit a boat immediately!. At that time we (IDEA) were a lot smaller and it was my responsibility to attend. Getting such a phone call sent my mind into overdrive, with 1000’s of different thing to think of; “where is the vessel?”, “when do I have to be there?” and even more importantly – “How do I explain to my girlfriend that the uninterrupted holiday I had promised her, had now been interrupted”

So my polite response was. “I am currently on holiday with my spouse and we are travelling by car through Tuscany. I am not sure if I can make it this week”.

“That’s perfect” was the answer, “the boat is in La Spezia anyway”. Wondering what kind of shipyard opens the week of Ferragosto and being completely surprised that it would be on our way back I promised to be there Mid-day on Friday.

Attending the shipyard in my cargo pants and Flip-flops, I gave the company representative a call at the yards gates, and he came to meet me.

Long story short: The vessel had a load line (99% indication for a commercial registered vessel) and no records of planned maintenance, while the former engineer could not answer any questions about non-conformities and procedures when questioned by the PSC; after the vessel entered the harbour un-announced.

The owner’s trip had a quite an un-happy ending as the vessel was detained. Safe to say Management & Crew were replaced and our business partner took over.

It is sometimes just a minor oversight, which leads to much larger and more complicated endings, but a reliable ISM system such as offered in IDEA Yacht along with the relevant training would have prevented this outcome for the Management, Crew and Owner.

All the best!

Newsletter November 2018

We are proud to announce that on 5th November we have released our biggest update for IDEA YACHT since its initial release in 2012.
Version 2018.3 is a major milestone in the lifecycle of our product and brings a bunch of new features. The most significant change is the look and feel of IDEA YACHT. With this version we introduce a new design for our software and new modern libraries to improve usability and response times to make working with IDEA more comfortable and intuitive.

Apart from the design and the modernization of the backend we implemented some new functionalities:

• Calendar: Events can be entered into a calendar to trigger maintenance and show upcoming tasks and events in an easy to grasp overview
• Trash Bin: A trash bin holds all deleted items from the vessel database comparable to the windows trash bin. If items were deleted from the vessel database by accident the contents can be restored by the crew.

Survey: Training at IDEA Office

We are currently evaluating the options for training facilities in our offices.
The best way to do this is by involving you in the process. That’s why we prepared a short survey to gather feedback from our customers.

Training Survey

We would appreciate it, if you could offer some time to answer the survey and help us to improve our services.

Thanks and best regards