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Newsletter March 2020

Are you aware what’s really on board of your yacht? Findings from more than 15 years in the industry:

The weeks before the extensive voyage of a vessel usually is a very busy time for all parties involved in the planning process. All departments need to check their equipment and see to it that it is in pristine condition prior to departure.

In the last 15 years, our project engineers visited hundreds of yachts to check databases and help the crews correcting errors within the database. On nearly all vessels we encountered false stock levels mainly caused by human errors. Apart from spare parts for regular maintenance, the crew should always be prepared to cope with unexpected breakdowns.
Because of the multitude of things that must be considered before a long voyage, there is the chance that things are overlooked or even forgotten. Therefore, it is recommended to utilize tools to support the planning activities like checklists, snag lists, maintenance software or suitable chart software.

Another important task for all departments is to check the equipment maintenance tasks scheduled for the voyage. Based on these tasks you can estimate the necessary amount of spare parts and consumables needed to successfully complete the voyage. Apart from spare parts for regular maintenance, the crew should always be prepared to cope with unexpected breakdowns. An extra charge of common spare parts for at least critical equipment should be on board all the time.

Apart from the engineering department, all other departments need to check their equipment and inventory and verify that they are up to mastering the challenges ahead. Think about sea charts, lifesaving equipment, galley equipment, meal planning, enough consumables for cleaning, interior inventory. There are many aspects that crews must pay attention to.

A typical starting point for these planning activities is to take inventory throughout the ship to verify all recorded stock levels of inventory items. Besides that, the crew members, must oversee the whole voyage and plan replenishment dates (food, consumables, spares etc.), harbour stays, entry permissions and many more points that must be taken into consideration for a long voyage.

There are many solutions on the market, especially in the software, that are capable to support crews in preparation of their journey.

If you are interested in more information on available tools (not only IDEA Yacht) please get in touch with us to discuss options:

IDEA is rewarding loyal customers!
Get more out of your licenses!

In the recent past we observed that more and more of our clients started using their mobile devices to work with IDEA. That is why we decided some time ago to make two major changes:

1. We developed a new engineering app for Android and IOS (still waiting for acceptance by Apple) that focuses on maintenance and rounds. It has a completely new interface design which makes it easier to execute maintenance tasks and rounds. We also put emphasis on optimizing the performance of the app, which resulted in a very responsive app with reduced loading times compared to our old app.
In the coming months, more and more functions will be added to our new mobile app.
The new app can be downloaded from the Android Appstore (IOS link to follow soon):

2. We had a look at our licensing model under the aspect of the increasing use of mobile devices with our software and concluded that our current licensing model for mobile devices does not fit today’s requirement anymore. That is why we will change this model with our next release:

Preview of our upcoming Q1 2020 release

At the end of Q1 we will release our first major IDEA Yacht version for 2020 with quite a few new functions that will improve both the usability and the security of our software.

The first major change is the introduction of a versatile department and position management system. In the past clients had to get in touch with our support team to ask for the creation of a new position or renaming of a department. With version 2020.1 we introduce a new function that allow a user to create and edit departments, positions, roles and workflows in IDEA.

The second major change is an overhaul of our “Leave & Rest” module. The design and the usability did not reflect our current design and did not meet our own requirements. That is why we redesigned the complete input screen including the dialogues and developed a new controlling page that enable persons in charge to quickly check work and rest hours of all crew members.

With version 2020.1 we will increase security standards for IDEA, too. As an administrator you will be able to define minimum password length and complexity and decide whether you want a dropdown field to choose a user name on the login screen or if you want to activate the user name entry like you are used to on for example Google to login.


Your IDEA Team

Newsletter February 2020

Data consistency – underrated or truly important?New IDEA Yacht release

Imagine, after spending many hours of adding maintenance tasks to your system, you realize your hour-based tasks never show up. Simply because you forgot to link the correct hour-counter to the task. Mistakes like that can lead to serious equipment failures endangering your vessel and can also result in non-compliance to flag state and class regulations.
IDEA is offering a new service (Database Consistency Checks) to our existing clients, in order to make sure that you are getting the best out of your IDEA Yacht system. Based on our experience, IDEA will analyse your existing database in terms of components, documents and maintenance schedules (e.g. is the correct maintenance schedule for the documented main engines existing) and will issue a detailed report of potential missing information. Based on this report IDEA can suggest customized services to fill the gaps.

  • Clean up database
  • Add missing maintenance tasks
  • Add missing components
  • Link missing documentation
  • User training

In the case that this topic has attract your interest, please feel free to contact us. It would be a pleasure to assist you.

Why seek counsel when building the equipment database?

Yachts of any size are highly complex systems. The bigger the yacht the more complex the systems onboard become, and the amount of equipment and spare part information increases with the size of the yacht. In order to have a reliable maintenance system that reflects the latest flag and registry regulations, all information including maintenance tasks must be integrated into the database of the ship. This task is complex and very time-consuming. Often crews are required to fulfil this duty during a busy charter or refit time alongside their normal daily duties. This often results in incomplete databases that can lead to equipment failure and in extreme cases to severe accidents.

Depending on the situation it can be worth investing in consultancy to build the database. Although such a contract does not come cheap, however, the outcome of outsourcing the task might be more beneficial than you might expect.
Service providers often have a long history in the yachting industry and therefore are familiar with most of the equipment on board a superyacht. They can easily identify systems onboard and are familiar with common components used in the yachting industry. They often can revert to a large archive of previous projects and information to add missing information like manuals, maintenance or recommended spare parts.

This knowledge combined with their experience and dedication to the tasks guarantees a database delivery in a much shorter time and to a much higher standard compared to a database build by the crew. This can also allow the crew to concentrate on their daily tasks and ensure that guests onboard are well cared for or the refit goes as planned.
In short, outsourcing of the database build-up has other advantages:

  • Delivery of complete database according to specifications
  • The complete maintenance schedule for all equipment according to contract
  • A short time of delivery as the service provider is 100% dedicated to the task
  • High-quality database
  • Highlighting of missing information (equipment data, manuals, spares etc.)

If you are interested in a database or maintenance schedule build-up or if you have any questions you can always get in touch with our professional services department:

Your IDEA Team

Newsletter January 2020

We wish you all a happy and prosperous Year 2020. We hope you had a relaxing Christmas season and a great start in this year.

New IDEA Yacht release

To move on as ambitious as last year we started this year with a new release of IDEA Yacht.
IDEA YACHT 2019.4 comes again with a variety of improvements and new features. Most of the changes within the release are based on the feedback we received in 2019. Here is a quick overview of some of the new features and improvements:

  • Crew & Guest Database: We added a certificate management function to quickly review certificate status for all crew members.
  • Maintenance: One-time tasks can now be named and postponed.
  • Routes: This feature was extended to allow future planning of routes with the option to choose the crew manually or automatically. Based on this functionality you can now create crew reports for past, present and future routes.
  • Search: We upgraded the search frontend and extended the search function.

The update is available from today onwards and can be tested in our online demo.

Boot 2020 –  Show season kick off

The Boot, the biggest indoor water sports exhibition, takes place from 18th – 26th January for the 51st time in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Visitors have the opportunity to experience all aspects of modern water sports and can even try a lot of the presented activities at the venue, e.g. diving, sailing, kayaking or stand-up paddling. The exposition of tenders, shadow boats and yachts up to 30m in 17 halls on 230.000 sqm became an undeniable highlight and a must see of these unique exhibitions.
You can find IDEA Data Solutions in hall 7a, booth G23. We are looking forward to meeting you at the show!

Your IDEA Team

Newsletter December 2019

The year 2019 is coming to an end…

And it feels like it has passed far too quickly. Let’s take the opportunity to remember some of the ups and downs in 2019.

Record-breaking shows and filled order books

Most boat shows announced record-breaking figures for their events. Starting with the Boot in January to the MYS and FLIBS, all shows noted more visitors, more exhibitors and more vessels on display than in the years before. In combination with full order books for all major shipyards, this confirms the positive development of the yachting industry and gives hope for the successful year 2020.

Exciting new yacht designs

In 2019 there was no shortage of new spectacular yacht design by shipyards and design studios alike. Think about the Amels 60 Limited Edition or Project L by Thierry Gaugain, just to name two. A few more impressions can be found here.

Yacht losses

Sadly the yachting world had to see the loss of a few well-known yachts in 2019. In May the 40m sailing yacht “My Song” was lost at sea when she slipped from a cargo ship during the transport between Mallorca and Genua.
Three superyachts were struck down by fires. First Lady D was destroyed in August in Phuket, Thailand and then last month Lohengrin and Reflection were destroyed at the Universal Marine Center in ft. Lauderdale, Florida while undergoing refit and repair work.

And what about IDEA?

As a company we had a successful year and gathered a lot of information from our clients which will help us in 2020. At the end of 2018 we changed our approach to business and returned to customer based development. We intensified the communication with key clients and encouraged prospects and customers to give us honest feedback about our products. We took this feedback and transformed it into improvements and new functions for our software and release the results at the end of each quarter (If you are missing some improvements you mentioned, you can be sure that it is in our backlogs waiting for implementation. We cannot implement everything at once 😊) Some highlights from 2019:

  • New purchase system and stock history
  • Trending for logbook
  • New crew certificate section
  • New permission manager
  • Many more smaller improvements
  • A full overview can be found in the news section on our homepage.

How to find a suitable management system?

Searching and finding the right management system for your vessel on top of your daily tasks is not often that easy. It is time consuming and you want to be sure that you choose a product that fits your needs before you invest into a software solution. This is why we put together a small guide to assist you in the selection process. 

How to choose the right Asset Management System

New service 2020

In the last months, we received several requests from vessels seeking help in cleaning up their databases. Over time and with changing crew members databases tend to get messy and are hard to navigate. This often results in a flawed maintenance plan, too. Because of this, we decided to offer a new service to our clients to review their database and do compliance checks. Does the database have a logical structure? Are all necessary maintenance tasks still in the database? Do the maintenance tasks and the component categories still reflect current ISM / flag / registry regulation?
If you are interested in such a check-up please contact our sales team:

Holiday greetings

Christmas approaches and 2019 is coming to an end, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, loyalty and trust in us, our products and our company, and we look forward to our continued working relationship into 2020 and beyond.


Choosing the right Asset Management System

– 5 steps to an effective selection process

Modern Asset Management Systems (AMS) are valuable tools to manage technical and administrative aspects of a superyacht. All functions are developed to standardize workflows and improve processes in daily business.

Whether you are searching for your first AMS or if you are thinking about upgrading your current AMS, your system is a crucial tool that can influence every stakeholder within the organization around a modern superyacht.

Please read all about the process in our new feature

Newsletter November 2019

Exiting times came to an end – Show season is over

It is always a pleasure to attend the outstanding trade shows of the Yachting Industry.
Of course, this time of the year is always a hectic one and times come with a packed calendar and nearly unmanageable meeting lists but besides that, it is always a great chance to see all these amazing people who make the industry as wonderful as it is.

The METS, as one of the most important and thrilling exhibitions in the trade show calendar, provided a suitable setting for presenting the novelties and to introduce the changes of IDEA YACHT.

Talking to many of the key players from the industry helped us to collect valuable new impressions to drive changes and developments way further.
With this in mind, we want to take that opportunity to thank all our clients, business partners and close friends who made the season of 2019 as successful and unforgettable as it became!

Why you should invest in a PMS software

Maintenance on a ship is essential to comply with regulations and guarantee to save operation.
In the maritime industry, you find lots of analogue and digital maintenance plans ranging from rough sketches on paper to digital Excel or Word documents on some computers onboard. Often the maintenance is done by the crew without errors. Normally problems arise when an audit is due or the crew changes. Where is everything recorded? Where are the schedules? This is the situation in which a PMS software can support the crew in getting the job done. In our latest article, we listed 10 reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a PMS system.

Click to read more…

P.S.: in our December newsletter we will present some advice on how to find and implement the right PMS system.

We need you!

not only the show season is coming to an end, but also the year 2019, we would like to take that occasion to review our last chances and additions to IDEA YACHT and figure out how we are able to improve and to strive for new innovative ideas.
If you have a minute, please take part of the following survey and answer a few short questions:



Save Money – Invest in Planned Maintenance!

Modern yachts are highly complex systems that need constant maintenance to stay operational. The number of tasks that have to be done by all members of a crew increases constantly with the size of the vessel and state of the art technology, more and more regulations have to be respected to stay compliant. An increasing number of stakeholders is interested in the status of the ship and the services that can be offered. All must be managed by a relatively small crew on board each vessel.

This is where purpose build software, so-called Planned Maintenance Systems (PMS) can help tremendously. Below you can find the top 10 reasons to order a PMS system for your vessel.

1. Quickly find information about the vessel

A well build PMS database holds a multitude of viable information about the vessel, which is easily accessible by all crew members. The software can be used to find detailed information about equipment, inventory, certificates and many more items. Everything you need to know can be saved in a single application and is accessible for the whole crew with a quick search.

2. Never forget maintenance

A PMS system is specifically developed to support a user in conducting maintenance and never forget vital tasks that keep the machinery running. A good maintenance system reminds the user about upcoming maintenance tasks automatically while using the software. This ensures that no maintenance task is forgotten on a busy day. Maintenance tasks can be assigned to the right persons to make certain that a task is properly executed.

3. Keep a service history

Without a PMS software maintenance information is often kept in several different files that are maintained by the different departments and crew members. This makes it hard to track all maintenance tasks and their execution and even harder to prove to authorities. PMS software automatically records the results of maintenance tasks when it is executed. This creates a service history for all items installed on board that later helps in audit reporting and analysis.

4. Increase equipment reliability

Regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s schedule increases the reliability of equipment and reduces unexpected breakdowns significantly. This results in less money spent on service visits and spare parts. Inventory stock levels are reduced and less money is bound in spare parts.

5. Stay on top of your inventory

Every boat is carrying a lot of inventory parts ranging machinery spare parts to cutlery and kitchen equipment. Over time the inventory builds up and in the long run the crew is losing track of what is on board and where it is stored. Modern PMS systems help the crew to keep track of all inventory items by providing an intelligent spare parts management that is integrated with purchasing and maintenance. If maintained correctly the crew is always capable of providing detailed information about their inventory to the owner and the management company.

6. Never lose information and knowledge when crew changes

Yachting is a very dynamic industry and therefore change is a big part of it. This is true for technology and personnel. Crew changes are normality and pose a threat to the operability of the vessel. Each crew member leaving takes knowledge with him/her that is lost to the vessel. PMS system is designed to preserve information about the vessel and avoid knowledge drain in case of change.

7. Time and cost savings

PMS systems are not cheap. They require a large amount of money and work to implement the software in the daily routines and build a usable database. But it is worth the investment and return can quickly be seen on all levels of vessel management. There is less time spend on maintenance although more maintenance is done. In consequence, the reliability of equipment is increased while unexpected breakdowns are minimized. Fewer repairs have to be done, saving spare parts and service contracts.

Information is stored in one place and can easily be accessed by all crew members (think of forms, manuals, reports, work lists etc.). Stock levels are reduced which results in less money bound in unnecessary spare parts. PMS software helps crew and management to run a vessel more efficiently.

8. Simplified audit preparation

All of the functions mentioned above result in a simplified internal and external audit preparation and execution. Because all information is collected and saved within the PMS it can easily be extracted using reporting functions or viewed in real-time on the monitor.

9. Better services for guests

When your vessel is on charter it is most important that all guests are completely satisfied with the vessel and all services provided. PMS systems ensure that all equipment (machinery, A/V etc.) is in good shape and operational at all times. Furthermore, you can check the availability of luxury items (food, wine, soap) is available in sufficient quantities ahead of the guest’s arrival. For regular guests, you can even save details about their habits to provide a better service.

10. The increased market value of the vessel

PMS systems provide a lot of functions that help the crew, the owner and the management company to keep the boat in a pristine condition. With all maintenance being available in the PMS system you prove to stakeholders the overall condition of the boat. A PMS software is equivalent to a service record of a car. Provable maintenance records increase the reselling value of a vessel.

Newsletter October 2019

What’s new in our latest version 2019.3?

We used the Monaco Yacht Show as a special occasion to gather a lot of client feedback and to improve our current version. Therefore, we would just like to give you a short overview of what’s new in IDEA YACHT’s latest version, which has been launched by the end of September.

Apart from many detailed improvements of IDEA YACHT 2019.3., such as the integration of a new Search UI, an extension of the one-time tasks and the improvement of the maintenance system itself, we released a new version of the IDEA App – available for Android and IOS.

As major changes, we extended our “one-time tasks” maintenance system precisely. From now on, each new one-time task is able to receive a name, already existing one-time tasks will get a name based on the first line of the description. The historical record of all maintenance tasks will receive a name as well, which also enhances the search function of maintenance tasks as they can now be found via name.

Announcement for all online users

Due to the latest improvements of IDEA YACHT and the associated introduction of the latest version 2019.3, we want to equip all our customers with the latest features and functions.

We scheduled the update for all online instances for Wednesday the 29th of October between 10:00 am -17:00 pm.  This will lead to a short downtime (approximately max 30 minutes) of your online portal on that day.
Please keep that in mind and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

On the horizon

Nevertheless, what’s currently on the table for the final release for 2019?
We focus on improving the certification handling, which will mainly include the following two points:

  • Allow to define a set of certificates for user positions
  • Check if all crew has valid certificates according to your definitions 

Also on the list of long-time requests for an improvement are customized positions. With the pre-work done over 2019 we are now ready to plan this feature of adding/renaming positions in quarter four of 2019 as many of you were asking for such a feature.

We always try to stay ahead of changes and are looking forward to improve IDEA YACHT to your needs. Therefore, please drop us an e-mail with your feedback, questions and ideas at

“Takeaways” from the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

The Monaco Yacht Show 2019 was, as always, an outstanding event in the exhibition calendar, cementing its status as the leading yachting event.

For us as a software and service provider for crews, shipyards and management companies, it was a pleasure to meet so many of our clients and to have meaningful conversations with them. You gave us new insights on how you use our products in your daily routines and helped us to form new ideas to improve IDEA products and develop it into an even more valuable asset among the tools you are using.

We are very grateful for your honest (positive and negative) feedback because only this feedback gives us the chance to become a better company with products you like to use. That is why we would like to intensify this contact with all of you in the future.

We will be present at a few more shows this year at which you can visit us:

  • Fort Lauderdale International
    Boat Show (30th October – 3rd November 2019)
  • METS Amsterdam
    (18th November – 21st November 2019)

If you are not able to attend one of the boat shows and meet us in person you can always get in touch with us via mail:

  • If you have ideas for cool new functions, criticism, praise, please write an email to
  • If you encounter any problems with our products you can contact our support at
  • Information and sales: If you need detailed information on our products or if you would like to have a quote for one our products or services please write a mail to

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Summer, Sunshine and the Sea – the show season already reached its peak and it is time for visiting Florida again.

The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is just around the corner and we are really excited to present the latest developments and features of IDEA YACHT 2019.3 at the FLIBS to you.

During the time of the 30th October – 3rd of November 2019 you will find us in the Yellow Zone at Yellow Zone at Superyacht Pavilion 723.

Apart from many detailed improvements of IDEA YACHT, such as the integration of a new Search UI, an extension of the onetime tasks and the improvement of the maintenance system itself, we released a new version of the IDEA App.

Therefore, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to have a first look at our updated UI with all its improvements and have a first glance at the App.

We are already looking forward to welcoming you at our booth to test our software, to discuss all the newest features and to chat about future solutions in person.

For appointments at the booth, please drop Carolin Eidecker ( an email or contact us at

Come and see us there!

Best regards,
Carolin Eidecker
(Sales Manager)

Newsletter September 2019

IDEA introduces new products and features at the MYS 2019

This year’s Monaco Yacht is about to start next week. From 25th September to 28th September, more than 580 exhibitors will present their newest product and development to the interested visitor. And IDEA will be no exception.
On our stand DS88 in Darse Sud, we will unveil some exciting new and long-awaited engineering functions for our bestselling software IDEA Yacht.
Additionally, we will introduce our latest addition to our product portfolio: IDEA FMP. This program will allow management companies and fleet owners alike to supervise all their managed vessels in a single user interface.
Another highlight will be our new Engineering App for IOS and Android. If this intrigued you, please visit us on our stand DS88. Our team will demonstrate all new developments and answer all questions you might have.

IDEA Roadmap 2020

As you might know, IDEA is constantly developing IDEA Yacht to meet the ever-changing requirements of the yachting industry and the last 18 months brought a lot of changes to our program, e.g. a new design, new purchasing, new log functions, just to name a few.
We would like to continue this in 2020 and already investigate new functions and improvements that might be a useful addition to IDEA Yacht. We also want to make sure that we are developing the right features for you as a client. Therefore, we created a very short survey to collect and evaluate your feedback