The shipyard is responsible for the construction and outfitting of the yacht in time and within budget. To deliver an outstanding project to the client the shipyard has to document all systems and equipment on board the vessel. The information is received internally as well as externally on a daily basis and must be handed over to the crew at the end of the build.

Our software provides the shipyard with an easy to use programme to save and organise the complete documentation of the vessel. Linking user manuals and drawings directly to equipment helps all parties involved during and after the build of the vessel to find information. The hand-over to the crew at the delivery of the boat is simplified because the crew can get involved at an early stage. This ensures a high overall project quality.

Making use of the maintenance functions of IDEA yacht management software the yard can ensure that the crew has a viable maintenance schedule at hand that must be followed by the crew to receive eventual repairs during warranty phase. Without the proof that maintenance was done on equipment the shipyard might reject claims by the crew.

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